15 Glorious photos from the EPSON International Pano Awards 202


(Cybertech) – The EPSON International Pano Awards is dedicated to panoramic photography with artwork from photographers from all over the world being submitted and judged each year. 

This year’s competition saw nearly 6,000 entries from 1,452 photographers, both professional and amateur hailing from 96 different countries. 

These entrants were all in with a hope of winning thousands of dollars in case prizes and printers and projectors from EPSON. 

As you can imagine, the entries are truly fantastic. We’ve collected some of the best for your viewing pleasure. 

Colin Leonhardt/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Mine Waste

This magnificent photograph from Colin Leonhardt comes from Australia and shows the fascinating patterns created by mine waste in the Western part of the country. A wonderfully colourful panoramic view with an aerial twist. 

The image was chosen as the runner-up in the Open Competition for this year’s EPSON International Pano Awards,

Carsten Bachmeyer/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Floating island

Taken in the wonderous region of Bled, Slovenia, this amazing image appears to show a magical island floating in peaceful bliss surrounded by mist and clouds. Carsten Bachmeyer from Germany certainly has an eye for beautiful panoramic visions. Easy to see why it was selected as a runner up. 

Sebastian Tontsch/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Desert Storm

This photo from Sebastian Tontsch in entitled Desert Storm, but we see it more as a peaceful view of a man-made world. With the towering skyscrapers of Dubai standing boldly above the mist below, as if stretching into clouds themselves. Another incredible vision for the Open Category. 

Grant Hutchison/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards


Grant Hutchinson snapped an incredibly colourful view in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa. Yellow and red fronted houses contrast in a way that really strikes the eye. This is certainly another different view of man made structures compared to the other photos in this category. 

Carsten Bachmeyer/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Venice sunrise

A peaceful view from an early morning Venice shows a panorama that includes a magnificent sunrise over the man-made landscape. We love the sunlight breaking through the nearby arches. 

Craig Bill/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Time Machine

One of the most impressive images we’ve seen of Radio Telescopes. This colourful image shows the VLA Radio Telescopes at Soccoro, New Mexico, USA. With a swirling backdrop of stars, the photo alludes to the wonderful mysteries beyond our world.  

Juan Lopez Ruiz/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Night Palace

This panoramic view from Madrid, Spain appears to show a magnificent palace at night, seemingly floating inexplicably on the water’s surface. 

“The Palace of Aranjuez reflected in the water under the stars, is one of the residences of the Spanish royal family, located in the Real Sitio and the Villa de Arnjuez, in the Community of Madrid.”

Jacqueline Hammer/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

The Eye

A simpler black and white photograph taken in London shows a man-made surrounding but without pesky nature getting in the way. The angles of this one really draws the eye. 

Peter Li/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Light Saber

This basement level panorama might be entitled Light Saber, but our eye was drawn more to the symmetry of the barrels than the striking light in the middle of the room. 

Tien Sang Kok/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

The Hall Of Buddha

Several of these entries have featured modern manmade features, but this one shows a much older statue of Buddha. And one that’s impressive in its size as it is in its glory. 

Jose Antonio Mateos/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Vgan kirke

We never cease to be impressed by the awesome views the Northern Lights conjure up and this panoramic photo really makes the most of the colours in the sky. 

Juan Lopez Ruiz/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards


This photo, entitled Apocalypse, seems to show the end times – with multiple lightning strikes sparking across the sky and hitting the landscape. Beautiful, eerie and dangerous. Certainly a fantastic view and well worth consideration as an entry to the competition. 

TOMAS SANCHEZ RUIZ/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Walkway to Light

Another incredible image with highlights of the Northern Lights but one that’s visually pleasing thanks to the incredibly straight bridge striking through the middle.  

Manish Mamtani /The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

A green eyed monster

Manish Mamttani won the 2020 EPSON Digital Art prize for this image titled Dragon Eye, that was taken in Iceland. He spoke about the photo to the awards team:

“This image was taken during one of my recent trips to Iceland and it shows the top-down view of an emerald geothermal pool in the Highlands. After enjoying a beautiful sunset on one of these days, I decided to continue driving to this geothermal area which was a couple of hours away. In July the sun goes below the horizon only for a couple of hours- so the golden hour is usually much longer followed by the blue hour/twilight. The drive was beautiful with no one around but the vast and rugged landscape of the Icelandic highlands. I reached this geothermal area sometime before sunrise. While my initial plan was to get there and rest for sometime, the early morning golden light tempted me to fly my drone and explore the area first. I am so glad I decided to do that because the steam from the geysers, combined with the beautiful morning light, was creating a perfect canvas for amazing drone shots. I stumbled across this pool while exploring the area and the morning light was hitting it at all the right places and highlighting not just the emerald color of the pool, but also the gazillion little streams that were coming out of it. To me, it appeared as though i was looking at the eye of a dragon – It was breathtaking!! I tried a couple of shots and finally settled on this one – which shows the true splendor of this place.” 

Tyler Lekki/The 11th EPSON International Pano Awards

Patagonia Peaks

This photo of the Patagonia Peaks in Argentina was given the One of a Kind Award in this year’s awards and shows an incredible view of the mountain tops. A breathtaking sight that not many will get to see in person in their lifetime. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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