4 reasons the Motorola G10 is an absolute steal


(Cybertech) – Motorola is synonymous with offering quality products at an affordable price. If you buy a Motorola phone you know you’ll be getting something that will last and get the job done well, but won’t be worrying your wallet too much.

The epitome of this is its G10 phone. It comes in at only £129.99, packs a whole lot of phone for that remarkable price, and Carphone Warehouse are happy to help you get one.

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Battery life

The bane of so many people’s days is the constant threat of a flat battery. It’s a fine balance if whether your battery will last through the day or not.

But Motorola has made sure that battery life in its G10 is nothing to worry about. With a huge 5000mAh battery, it’s not going to let you down in a day. In fact, you’ll often get through at least two days of constant use before needing a recharge.

Most top-end phones don’t even come near this level of battery life. And because the Motorola G10 doesn’t have the most power-hungry display and the Snapdragon 460 processor is as thirsty as a camel, it increases the life you’ll get even further from that battery.

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You’d generally think that because the G10 is an entry-level phone that you’d be getting out of date software. But here we have another example of how Motorola has upped its game. With the G10 you get Android 11, the most up to date operating system available.

And also unlike so many other brands, Motorola tends to avoid any bloatware that’ll clog the Android experience. You get a clean Android with a couple of additions that actually adds to the experience. We particularly like the gesture that uses chopping motion to turn on the light. Pretty neat.

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Cameras have become one of the biggest reasons we keep our phones so close to us. You never know when the next viral-worthy moment will happen, and you sure as hell want to capture it. So, Motorola has you covered with four cameras and the obligatory one in front. The main camera has a large 48MP sensor that’s boosted with Quad Pixel technology. It can take HD videos with up to 60 frames per second.

If you need to capture the bigger picture, then the ultrawide camera is there for you with 8MP and 118 degree angle. Of course, sometimes your subject of attention isn’t very close by, so the telescopic camera has you covered. And on the flip side, there’s even a macro camera for those super close-ups.

For such a budget phone, it’s hard to imagine how Motorola fit all these cameras on the back and kept the price where it is.

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Practicality has such a boring stigma attached to it. But we think it can be one of the most attractive aspects of tech. The G10’s battery life is one perfect example of how practicality can boost the appeal of a phone. There are more things that draw your attention, however. The first is no doubt the textured back. It’s a nice diversion from the mainstream of glass-backed and smooth phones. But it’s also much grippier than those smooth phones, so you’ll be dropping it less.

You can get the Motorola G10 with either 64GB or 128GB internal storage. Which is usually plenty. But if it isn’t then an expandable storage slot is there to offer up to 1TB of storage, depending on the MicroSD card you fit. If you’d rather have another SIM, though, then you can have that in place of the extra storage.

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And then there’s the headphone jack. It’s so strange that this has become a feature where it has so long been a staple among the tech world. But wired headphones are going nowhere for the time being, especially for the budget-minded, so it’s great to see that on the G10.

There’s no looking past that large 6.5-inch display either. It is HD and only has the most minimal of bezels on the sides, so you have a whole load of screen real estate for the size of the phone.

Let’s not forget the price of the Motorola G10. It’s nothing short of cheap. But the build and the features are anything but. Head over to Carphone Warehouse for even more details of the G10.


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