48 of the best GoPro photos in the world, prepare to lose your


(Cybertech) – From surfing and skydiving to animal close-ups and stunning scenery, this gallery has some breathtaking images that we only get to see thanks to the GoPro.

No longer are rare wildlife photos restricted to pros who spend years awaiting the perfect shot – now thousands of GoPros are scanning the world all at once, constantly. We’re only ever going to get more amazing shots to wow us.

Thanks to the camera, and video stills, the internet is awash with stunning images from GoPros around the world. Finding them all is a bit of a job, so we’ve done it for you.

Tyler Jordan

A cave with a view

Another surfing shot, but this one is calm and colourful. These sorts of images show just how versatile the GoPro cameras can be. They’re not just great for video, but for landscape and portrait shots too. 

Marcus Rodrigues

A view from turbulent waters

Putting the GoPro’s waterproof housing to maximum use, Marcus Rodrigues captures a magnificent underwater view. The water’s surface appears to be rough and angry but there’s a pleasant calm below which this swimmer is briefly enjoying on the way up to the surface. 

Niqolas Ruud

The supported ascent

Putting their GoPro to spectacular use, Niqolas Ruud shows us what it’s like to climb a steep mountain face, supporting teammates and fellow climbers along the way. The wonder of our planet stretches out before them as these three lone climbers make their way onwards and upwards. How small and insignificant they appear before the mighty landscape below them. 

Mark Baechtold

Palm tree paradise

We look on with envy at this view of paradise snapped by Mark Baechtold. Not the usual action shot we’d expect from a GoPro, but certainly a marvellous view of a beautiful sunset. 


A calm view from a mountaintop tent

There’s something thoroughly humbling about this view captured by Marc Ruffini. He sits at the edge of his tent, sipping from a flask and basking in the glory of the magnificent mountains sprawling out before him. We’d imagine there was a fair amount of effort that went into scaling this mountain to get to this viewpoint in the first place, so hopefully, the reward was worth it. 

Alex Robert

A new underwater friend

Last but not least on our list is a submission from last year by Alex Robert. This fantastic photograph captures the cheerful face of a magnificent marine mammal swimming in the waters of Laguna Beach, California. 

Some pretty spectacular images, we’re sure you’ll agree and we’ll expect to see more GoPro photos like this in future. 

Lauren McGough

An eagle-eyed view

At the opposite end of the spectrum comes this snap from the Western plains of Mongolia. Here, GoPro photographer Lauren McGough captures spectacular snow-covered views of the sweeping mountains while out on a hunt with a group of nomadic Kazakhs.

The accompanying golden eagles are tagging along to help out with the hunt, blissfully unaware of the majesty they add to the photograph. 


Catching some waves

This photo is certainly more the style we’d expect to see from GoPro users. An action shot from a surfer catching some waves. 

Chuang Liu

Cliff-hanging for views

Dangling from the mountain tops of Yangshuo, China, Chuang Liu snaps a breath-taking view during a heart-pounding climb. An impressive feat of endurance and masterful photography in a single shot.

Chelsea Yamase

What lies beneath

Another snap of a wonderful underwater swimmer captures what looks like someone diving for buried treasure while the captain of the boat keeps watch.  

GoPro/Marcos Trotta

Formation Selfie

This image was snapped by Marcos Trotta who is part of the Brazilian Air Force and no doubt a magnificent pilot. The photo was taken at the end of a loop during a formation exercise and there’s no denying the results are awesome. Not many of us could take such a cool selfie while going about our day job. 


Below the blue

Now you’re just showing off. This chap is up to some underwater shenanigans for sure. We love the submerged view of the clouds though. Another fantastic GoPro photo from inviting waters. 

GoPro/Filippo Bellisola

A still view of Lake Bled

This incredibly calm view of Lake Bled, Slovenia, shows a 4 am sunrise over a peaceful lake with staggeringly still waters. An amazing image with breathtaking views captured with a GoPro Hero 4 Black.


A wintery view

A smashing wintery view of the world captured by Kyle Wicks with a GoPro Hero 7 Black. A colorful sunset scene with an ice-covered view of the landscape and a lone person in the midst of it all.

GoPro/Mitchell Pettigrew

Footprints in the sand

Mitchell Pettigrew is an amateur photographer with an eye for landscape photography and an undeniable talent. He’s capable of capturing some nifty views with his GoPro, as this simply awesome shot shows. His Instagram feed is also worth checking out. 


Man’s best friend

Pooches enjoy a swim too or maybe a quick surf? The versatile action cam isn’t just for underwater shots and high-octane sports but is brilliant at capturing photos of pets in the wild too. 


Fun with flippers

Another snap we’re jealous of. These waters look warm, peaceful and welcoming. We wish we were there too!


Underwater paradise

GoPro cameras certainly allow for an interesting range of underwater photographs. This one shows brilliantly blue waters and a casual swim with the local fishes. 


Over the top

Some pretty spectacular views over the mountain tops. More proof that a good camera mount can make for some incredible views captured with your favourite action cam.


A cooling paddle for piggy

This GoPro user had an unexpected visit in the form of a piggy looking for a cooling dip in the water. The crystal clear waters are certainly inviting, so we can’t blame him. The result of the visit makes for a fairly awesome photo too.

Nicol Wright

Something with a little more bite

On the opposite end of the underwater spectrum, this GoPro photo is slightly less chilled out. A massive shark shows off his razor-sharp teeth for all to enjoy – or at least cower in fear from. Hopefully, this GoPro user was safe inside a cage. 

Trevor DeHaas

A line in the sand

The compact GoPro captures some fairly cool views of the surroundings too. A wide angle lens makes for some interesting views, especially when combined with the unusually shaped landscape. 

Gordon Better

Up, up and away

On the wing of a glider or light aircraft, the humble GoPro gives us a brilliant view of the world from high above the earth. This image shows us the beautiful surrounding sights as one GoPro user carries out some incredible aerobatic stunts. 


Swimming with the locals

This is what selfie sticks should be used for. This GoPro user has really set a high-bar for underwater photos with the local dolphins. A fantastic view of nature thanks to the compact action camera. 


A tight fit

A view from a kayak shows a narrow passage through the waterway with colourful cliff faces rising on either side. We’d imagine paddling down this tight river was tricky, but it certainly makes for a good photo. 


Up, up and away

A much more peaceful view from above the clouds. We’re not quite sure how this GoPro photo was taken, but there’s no denying it’s awesome. The angry fire of the hot air balloon contrasting wonderfully with the fluffy clouds in the background. 


Falling into the fall

GoPro cameras regularly get used for daring feats. Some of them insane, some a little more dangerous. This chap is taking a long tumble into the water below. A raging storm of dust on one side and rushing water on the other make for some interesting colours in the waters below. 


Hello up there

We don’t know what’s going on here. Some impressive aerobatics no doubt. Impressively timed photos are almost certainly the best. 


Fishing for rainbows

The ocean often makes for cracking GoPro photos of one kind or another. This image of a rainbow is particularly impressive – it’s not often you get to see both ends of the rainbow at one time. But where’s the pot of gold? Maybe there’s some sunken treasure. 


Wrestling with the crowd

One man climbs up for a better view of the crowd, a sea of faces stretching off into the distance. Another example of an unusual photo that shows just how versatile GoPro cameras can be.  


Balloons for everyone

A magnificent view of the world with balloons of all shapes and sizes being released into the skies. Crowds of onlookers stretching out as far as the eye can see admiring the view. 


Hanging out with the birds

Another view you’re not likely to see every day and another interesting use of a selfie stick too. This image shows two airborne fellows finding a new friend high in the sky. We’re not sure the feathered chap is as happy to see them as they are it though. 


A spiky hilltop sight

The world is full of hidden beauty and wonder. Some of the sights are highly unusual. We love these breathtaking views of the world below. 


Waiting for rescue

We’re hoping these chaps were on some sort of exercise, rather than being stranded at sea while waiting for rescue. It’s certainly interesting to see the variety of situations GoPro cameras have been used in if nothing else. 


High-speed colours

There’s nothing quite like a high-speed shot from a sports car. This image shows how GoPro cameras can be put to good use to create some brilliant tricks with the light too. The result is a colourful photo which almost makes it look like the car is travelling at light speed. 


Painting with light

Sparklers, fireworks and more can be combined with GoPro’s clever camera settings to create works of art like this where shapes and patterns are created from light. We love the colours of this one too – the glow of the light reflecting brilliantly on the surroundings under the night sky.


A skyline with a view

It’s not just aerial photos that the GoPro makes light work of. These cameras are also strong favourites among parkour enthusiasts. You’ll often see these sorts of vertigo-inducing snaps from high above the rooftops. 


Way above the concrete jungle

Another aeroplane wing shot shows a fantastic view above a city. The streets below almost seem quiet and empty. 


Liquid lines

A perfectly timed photo of a wave breaking with brilliant clarity. This image shows the amazing and surprising photographic powers of the GoPro. It’s not just for video. 


Getting back to nature

The GoPro is an amazing tool for outdoor photos, wherever you might be. This snap from the woods as the sun rises captures the beauty of nature perfectly.


A rider’s reflection

Here a GoPro user takes a brilliant shot on the road ahead as seen through the reflection in their visor. GoPro cameras are a popular choice of bikers anyway, but we’re particular fans of this snap. 


Don’t look down

Another precarious view from the mountaintops. This high-up view of the world shows some spectacular sights of the world below, if with a little dangerous drop over the side. Not for those afraid of heights, but brilliant to observe from afar. 


Kicking up some dirt

Fast fun and frolics is the name of the game here as a dirt bike is put to brilliant use in the desert. Kicking up a storm of sand for a brilliant photo. 


A bit snappy

This chap does not appear too happy to be snapped, but there’s no denying this is an incredible underwater nature shot. Human and wildlife swimming together in harmony. 


Flying over volcanoes

Horacio Llorens captured this image with a GoPro Fusion camera while catching some air over Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala. Impressive and terrifying views for all to enjoy. 


Beauty from the bird

Stunning views over the incredible waters of Mauritius made that little bit more special thanks to the some nifty photography skills and a GoPro. 


Misty mountain mornings

Perfectly framed and utterly satisfying. This image from Fusine Laghi shows beautiful mountains reflected neatly on utterly still waters. 


Selfies and sea creatures

This image came about as part of Go Pro’s #underwaterselfieday tag which encouraged people to share nifty image the ocean images of themselves and their surroundings. The results are really pleasing and include this chap seemingly being kissed by an Octopus. 

Writing by Adrian Willings and Luke Edwards.

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