A dual-screen Lenovo Yoga Windows 10 X tablet is incoming


(Cybertech) – A leak has revealed a dual-screen Lenovo Yoga tablet is in the works.

A video from a Lenovo presentation appears to confirm that the device is running Windows 10 X just like the incoming Microsoft Surface Neo (the Android-based Surface is called Surface Duo). It will also have pen support as you’d expect and there will be a detachable keyboard, similar to other devices we’ve seen rumoured.

It’s unclear exactly where the presentation has come from but it’s in Portuguese and was posted on Twitter by leaker WalkingCat, who has been reliable for several leaks previously. 

These companies aren’t unique in fiddling with dual-screen devices recently – we saw the Dell Duet at CES 2020 in January which was basically a Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 but with a second screen instead of the keyboard. HP and Asus are among the other names developing dual-screen Windows 10 X devices.

While the Dell is more of a concept, this Lenovo model seems to be ready for production although, with Windows 10 X and Surface Neo having been delayed until 2021.

Here’s the presentation video (in Portuguese).

Writing by Dan Grabham.


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