A rebadged Fenix 6 for ultra-runners


(Cybertech) – Garmin has launched a new watch aimed specifically at ultra-runners/endurance athletes. It’s called the Garmin Enduro, and is essentially a rebadged Garmin Fenix 6 but with enhanced performance tracking. 

On the design side, it looks virtually identical to the Fenix 6 series, but comes in different colour options and ships with a new flexible nylon band. 

Rather than feature the red accents of Fenix range, Endura has yellow/green accents and appears to come in both steel grey and carbon grey colour variants. That’s basically light grey and dark grey. 

It’s got Garmin’s solar Power Glass built in to offer some recharging on the run in bright daylight and can get you battery life up to 65 days according to Garmin’s release. 


Enduro has an enhanced VO2 Max measurement system which includes a new trail run VO2 Max capability, and automatically adjusts based on trail conditions. It also takes heat and altitude into consideration when measuring your fitness. 

There’s ClimbPro, a feature to give you gradient, elevation gain and distance data on your current and upcoming climbs. You even get a rest timer in the ‘Ultrarun’ activity session which lets you log the amount of time you spend at rest stations taking a break/taking on water and food. 

Outside of activity tracking, the watch will give you guidance on how long to rest in order to recover effectively. It’s not a static figure either. If you track your sleep and daily activity, it’ll adjust your time based on your day-to-day rest and motion. 

Add that to the mountain biking session tracking measurements and recommended workouts and you have a true multi-sport watch, but one adapted for very long running sessions. 


Of course you get nearly all the other current Garmin lifestyle features like being able to view smartphone notifications, calendar events, daily heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep, offline music playback and Garmin Pay for contactless payments. 

Garmin Enduro is on sale from today with prices starting at $799 in the US or £699 in the UK. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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