Alexa coming to third-party webOS smart TVs


(Cybertech) – As well as LG itself, a healthy number of smaller, third-party TV manufacturers use webOS for their smart system. They also come with LG’s Magic Remote.

That means viewers with TVs from the likes of Blaupunkt, Eko, and Polaroid can use the remote as a pointer to manilpulate an icon on screen. They also have a microphone built-into the clicker, which is important as the TVs will be getting full Amazon Alexa access soon.

Alexa will roll out to third-party TVs powered by webOS from the third quarter of this year. It will be an over-the-air update that’ll start in North America and then spread to Europe and Asia.

Users will be able to give a long press on the dedicated Amazon Prime Video button then speak into the Magic Remote to command Alexa. Voice can be used, therefore, to change channels, adjust the volume, play music, open apps, see the weather and pretty much everything that’s also possible on a Fire TV device.

“The addition of Amazon Alexa to the long list of webOS features will enhance the user experience and boost the value of our growing smart TV ecosystem,” said LG’s head of content services, Jung Sung-hyun.

“Bringing together the capabilities of Alexa with the convenience of webOS to third-party TVs is a win-win-win for TV brands, customers and developers.”

Other brands that currently make webOS TVs include Advance, JSW, Manta, RCA, Seiki and Skytech. There are several original design manufacturers too: Ayonz, Dualshine, Konka, Silicon Player, Skyworth and Xianyou.

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