Amazon Black Friday Deals available now and what offers to expect


Black Friday might have started as a singular day with big discounts, but these days its influence has spread over the weeks and even months before the actual date. Retailers are now offering smaller deals in advance as hors d’oeuvres to the main shopping event.

And, since there’s still a long time before Black Friday hits, these early deals are what we’re about to cover in this article. More specifically, the deals that Amazon is offering to its millions of users.

We’ll do our best to keep the offers as up to date as possible, so if you’re looking to snag something with a good discount, make sure to check regularly.

Save $29 on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Yes, $29 isn’t the most lucrative savings you’ve seen, that we’re sure of. But for a product that came out just a few months ago, it’s not that bad. The Galaxy Watch 3 is Samsung’s latest and greatest smartwatch with advanced features like ECG and blood oxygen saturation measuring. If you’re using an Android phone, that’s one of the best smartwatches you can get right now. If you want to learn more, check out our Galaxy Watch 3 review.

Save $100 on Samung Galaxy S20 FE

Even at its regular price, the Galaxy S20 FE offers great value and is easily one of the best price-to-performance ratio Android phones of 2020. With the discount Amazon has on it right now, you can get it even cheaper. The reduced price is only for the Cloud Lavender color for the moment, but if you’re going to put the phone in a case anyway, it shouldn’t really matter to you much and saving $100 is always great.

Save $200 on Samsung Galaxy S20+

Samsung’s flagships this year are a bit pricier than usual, making deals for the Galaxy S20 series even more important. Right now, Amazon has a pretty good one for the Galaxy S20+, the middle child of the lineup. It has a beautiful display, a powerful chip and a comprehensive camera system. Overall, one of the best Android phones this year. You can read more about it in our Galaxy S20+ review.

Save $250 on Sony Xperia 1

Sony’s 2019 flagship smartphone, the Xperia 1, is a very good phone but its biggest drawback is the price. Well, with this deal, the price problem is solved and you can get a premium phone on the cheap. If you’re interested in this device and want to learn more, check out our Xperia 1 review.

Save on Motorola smartphones

Save $200 on Motorola Edge

This year, Motorola finally decided to return to the flagship segment with two phones, the Motorola Edge and Edge+. The Motorola Edge is the slightly specced-down version, but it has the same premium design and built alongside a respectable camera system. With this discount, the phone is down to budget levels, making it a great deal.

Save $290+ on Motorola Razr 5G

The second-generation Motorola Razr is a refinement of its predecessor but still has a lot to be improved upon. But even if you were ready to look past its flaws and wanted to get one for the coolness factor, the price was likely high enough to put a stop to your ambitions to own one. Well, this current discount goes a long way towards making the phone more affordable, although it’s still more than some of the latest iPhones. 

Save more than $70 on Moto G phones

If you’re looking to get a spare phone or one for your kid or elderly relative, a MotoG device would be quite fitting. They’re cheap and well-built and will serve their owner just fine. Even as a main device they’re actually more than decent unless you expect wonders from the cameras or the gaming performance. 

And, right now, thanks to Amazon, you can get a Motorola smartphone even cheaper. The available offers are for the Moto G Stylus, Moto G Power and Moto G7 Play. The names say enough about each phone’s strength. The G Power comes with a massive 5,000mAh battery and the G7 Play is the cheapest among them, way under $200.

Save $40 on Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The QuietComfort 35 II are one of the most popular Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelling. Being premium headphones, they’re usually a bit pricey, but now you can save $40 and get them for a decent price. They’re not as sleek-looking as Bose’s 700 headphones but the sound is on point and battery life is the same 20h of playback time on both models. Overall, the QuietComfort 35 II are a great choice for quality wireless headphones.

Save 25% on Sennheiser HD 450BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

If Sennheiser is you premium headphones maker of choice, you can still save some money buy getting a new pair of wireless headphones. The HD 450BT are down by $50 at the moment, which is still a good kick-back that you can spend on something else. The 30 hours of battery life will keep you entertained through the longest trips and the ANC will keep distracting noises away.

Save $25 Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Bose also has discounts on Bluetooth speakers, namely its SoundLink Color II. It’s also durable and has water resistance but the design is more elegant and will fit your living room just as well as the beach. Battery life is on the lower end with just 8h of playback time, but the sound is pretty good. Best of all, with this 19% discount, it’s quite affordable.

Save $50 on JBL LIVE 300 True Wireless Headphones

If sharing your tunes isn’t your thing, there’s still a JBL product you might consider. The JBL Live 300 TW earbuds offer a respectable 6-hour playback time on a single charge, with a few more charges in the carrying case. If you’re looking to get premium wireless earbuds at below $100, now is the time to pull the trigger.

Save $60 on JBL Endurance Peak True Wireless Earbuds

If you’re looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that are more secure on your ears, the Endurance Peak by JBL is an ideal choice if you’re looking for something affordable. Down by 50% right now, these JBL earbuds securely wrap around your ear to reduce the risk of losing them while riding your mountain bike or running in the park. 4 hours of playback time is not that long considering the bulkier design but it should be enough in most scenarios and there’s plenty more in the charging case.

Save 20% on Belkin Wireless Charger

You’ve decide it’s time to go wireless for your smartphone charging? Belkin is one of the big names in the industry with plenty of good chargers available. The comapny’s single 15W wireless charger works with all modern smartphones but if you have an iPhone 12, it won’t benefit from the full 15W as Apple keeps that for its own MagSafe charger. Still, Android phones and other Qi-certified devices will happily make use of this charger’s full power output.

Save $700 on SAMSUNG 75-inch QLED 4K Smart TV

If you’re looking to upgrade your main TV, this 75-inch QLED Smart TV from Samsung is totally worth considering. It has a ton of tech built into it, including an AI processor that upscales content to 4K and a 120Hz refresh-rate paired with Samsung’s Motion Rate 240 mode which reduces motion blur when watching fast-paced sports or movies. For a short period of time, you can save almost a third of the original price of the TV, so don’t think about it too long or you might miss out on this great deal.

Save $100 on TCL 40-inch 1080p Smart LED ROKU TV

Yes, hard to believe but 1080p TVs are still a thing in 2020. This one might not be the best option for your living room home theatre setup, but we doubt your grandma will mind if her TV isn’t 4K. If you want to provide someone with a decent-sized TV without spending much, this 40-inch model from TCL is a great choice, especially now that it’s discounted by 33%.

Save 15% on TP-Link WiFi 6 Smart Router AX1800


Another gadget that will improve your stay-at-home experience. Your Wi-Fi connection is a vital part to all your online activities, from gaming to Zoom calls. With this router, you can ensure a strong, stable and fast connection. Most flagship smartphones and high-end laptops come with WiFi 6 support and even more devices will have it in the future, making this router and investment that’s worthwhile. People are hesitant to spend a bit more on Wi-Fi routers but the ones that do rarely regret it. Now, you can save $20 when purchasing the TP-Link AX1800, making the choice even easier.

Save $150+ on Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – 13.5″

Suface laptops are known for their premium built quality but also their high price. Well, there’s a deal on Amazon that takes care of the issue with the price, making the Surface Laptop 3 a lot more reasonably priced. It comes with a touch-capable display, a Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, which make it a decently capable compact machine. 

Save 32% on Soundance Laptop Stand

If you’re using your laptop as a desktop workstation more often than not, a stand like this one is a great addition to your setup. Regardless if you’re using an external monitor or not, having the laptop elevated has multiple advantages. First, it’s more ergonomic, assuming you have a separate keyboard. Second, it allows your laptop to cool itself better. Third, it saves space on the desk, since you can store things under the laptop. And fourth, it protects your laptop from accidental spills of water, coffee or other beverages you might be consuming or storing around it. The build of this stand is very sturdy and it can hold pretty much any laptop, no matter the size. 

What Black Friday deals to expect on Amazon

While before online retailers were separating themselves from physical stores by offering discounts on Cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday, now, they’re pretty much double-dipping, with deals available on both days and, of course, in between and before that as well. Basically, it’s a whole savings season. 

This year shouldn’t be much different than last year (at least in that regard), with major discounts on some of the most popular consumer electronics. Such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • TV
  • Headphones
  • Smartwatches
  • Consoles

The pricier the item, the bigger discount you can expect. Common non-Black Friday discounts are usually around 20%, so anything that reaches 50% or more is a great deal. Keep in mind that some third-party sellers on Amazon might hike the prices in advance so that the Black Friday deals look better than what they actually are.

If you already have plans for specific purchases, you can bookmark the items and note the prices, perhaps even fill out a spreadsheet with all the info in one spot. This way, you’ll be able to act fast and have a good idea if the deals are really worth it. That will also help with your impulse control if you feel like you might buy something you don’t really need or want.

Keep an eye out for Lightning Deals. Those usually offer great discounts but only last a few hours or until the stock runs out.

As a reminder, Black Friday this year falls on November 27, so if you’re planning to go on a shopping spree, make sure you’re ready by then.

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