Amazon developed an Alexa-powered GPS tracker for kids


(Cybertech) – It’s not unusual for companies to be developing or considering new products behind the scenes. In fact, it’s pretty standard. But it’s always neat to get a peek behind the curtain and learn more about what some of the big tech giants have been experimenting on in recent years. For instance, Amazon reportedly worked on a tracking device for kids.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon made a $99 Alexa-enabled wearable for children in 2019. Called Seeker, it featured GPS, voice activation for Alexa, and possibly a clip, keychain, or wristband for little ones to keep it on their persons at all times. It was due to launch in 2020 for children ages four to 12. The idea was Amazon would use it to deliver exclusive Amazon Kids Plus content (formerly Amazon FreeTime Unlimited) while also allowing parents to track and communicate with their kids.

However, it’s unknown now whether the project will ever move forward.

That said, Bloomberg claimed Amazon worked with Disney on another wearable called the Magic Band. It’s scheduled to arrive this year. But is it a toy for kids or more like the guest-tracking Magic wristband that Walt Disney offers in its parks and hotels? The report couldn’t say, so for now, we wouldn’t get your hopes up on an Amazon-made, Disney-themed tracker for kids. 

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Keep in mind this wouldn’t be Amazon’s first foray into products for kids. After all, the online retailer offers child-friendly Echo speakers and Fire tablets.

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