Amazon is bringing its own branded TV to the United States


(Cybertech) – Amazon is currently working with television manufactures such as TCL to create and launch an Amazon-branded TV for release within the United States sometime in the near future, sources tell Business Insider. 

The company already sells a branded Amazon Basics TV set in India for around ~$500 / £450 depending on which size you go for, however, that television is made in conjunction with Radiant Appliances and Electronics unlike the TCL models expected in the US. 

In case you’re feeling a bit of déjà vu, note that Amazon has already sold televisions with Fire TV software built into them for years now, but those models all come sub-branded by another manufacture, such as Toshiba.

The new units expected later this year and even as early as October according to the report, are allegedly only going to have Amazon-branded logos on the system, keeping the TCL manufacturing aspect purely a logistical decision rather than a marketable one.  

Of course, it seems like it goes without saying these TVs will be primed with Alexa as the forefront feature, built around having an always ready assistant on the (presumably) most massive piece of tech in your home.  

It’s unclear what kind of display technology Amazon plans on using, but considering the low cost of entry Amazon likes entering the market in with their products, anything remotely close to OLED seems unlikely. As per sizing, the initial Business Insider report claims the company is targeting three options, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. 

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