Amazon Prime Day phone deals: Samsung, OnePlus and more


(Cybertech) – Prime Day 2020 is running across 13-14 October, exclusive to Prime members and bringing a range of deals. Amazon has slashed prices on a number of handsets from top manufacturers. If you’re looking to save on a new SIM-free phone, then Prime Day could be the time to buy. 

We’ll be rounding up all the best deals for Prime Day in the US and Prime Day in the UK in our dedicated articles, but here we’re only intested in phones.

Here are some of the latest deals:

Samsung Galaxy deals UK

• Samsung Galaxy S10, save £600, now £499 (was £1099): The 5G version with 256GB storage – a big phone with a big discount.

• Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, save £160, now £369 (was £529): The Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a cheaper way to get to the Note experience.

• Samsung Galaxy S10, save £100.60, now £469 (was £569): The 2019 flagship phone offers plenty of power and a great display in a compact package.

• Samsung Galaxy S20, save £150, now £649 (was £799): Samsung’s latest flagship phone offers a great camera, lots of power and a design that wows.

• Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, save £65, now £364 (was £429): From Samsung’s mid-range comes a capable handset with next-gen connectivity.

OnePlus deals UK

• OnePlus 8, save £226, now £473 (was £699): The 2020 model from OnePlus in a more compact frame, offering 5G and a 90Hz refresh rate.

• OnePlus 8 Pro, save £150, now £749 (was £899): The more advanced model has a larger display but the same 5G power, with a 120Hz display.

• OnePlus 7T, save £154, now £395 (was £549): It’s a year older, but it’s still a great phone, offering plenty of power and a smooth display.

Xiaomi and Redmi deals UK

• Xiaomi Mi 10, save £140, now £559 (was £699): The Xiaomi Mi 10 is powerful and affordable with a great camera.

• Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite, save £90, now £259 (was £349): The Mi 10 Lite is a seriously affordable 5G phone, offering a great bang for your buck.

• Redmi Note 9 Pro, save £54, now £215 (was £269): The Redmi Note 9 Pro offers a great mid-range device with good display and a quality build.

Oppo deals UK

• Oppo Find X2 Pro, save £220, now £879 (was £1099): One of the finest handsets of the year, the Find X2 Pro is a quality device.

• Oppo Find X2 Lite, save £100, now £299 (was £399): It’s still a 5G handset but slides into the capable mid-range.

Sony Mobile deals UK

• Sony Xperia 1 II, save £574.76, now £1099 (was £1673.76): Sony’s flagship handset with a 4K display. View this offer here.

• Sony Xperia 5, save £199.01, now £499.99 (was £699): Sony’s compact flagship from 2019, offering power in a smaller package. See this deal here.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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