Amazon Prime Video app update adds a TV show shuffle button


(Cybertech) – Amazon is reportedly introducing a new feature for its Prime Video app: The ability to shuffle TV show episodes.

Android Police spotted the change in the Prime Video mobile app for Android phones and Fire tablets. It could make it easier for people to put on a show in the background, particularly one they’ve watched on repeat before, without having to actually decide on an episode to watch. Just imagine hitting shuffle on your favourite sitcom and episodes start playing in a random order. 

The feature won’t let you shuffle through an entire show, however, just a season. Also, it seems to be Android-only right now. It’s unclear whether the ability to shuffle will also come to the Prime Video for iOS app or even web versions of the app. We’ve contacted Amazon for a comment, which hasn’t been officially announced yet, and will report back when we learn more.

Keep in mind, for the past couple years, Netflix has been testing a shuffle-style feature. And the company plans to finally launch it soon.

Netflix announced during its latest financial results interview that the ability to shuffle will get a global rollout in the first half of 2021. The shuffle feature will let you skip browsing entirely by clicking one button, and then Netflix will pick a title for you just to instantly play.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.


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