AMD and HP have some of the most blisteringly quick laptops


(Cybertech) – Processors are complex little chips that have a huge say on how any computer or smart device works, and how snappy it feels to use. When you’re shopping for a new laptop, it can be a bit bewildering trying to work out whether the processors they’re packing are any good.

AMD makes some of the most reliably impressive and value-efficient chips on the market, and its newest series is the 5000 line – these are the chips you want in your laptop, trust us. Best of all, even though they’re brand new HP already has a range of laptops that you can outfit with a 5000 series chip for that great performance – check out three of the best options, below. 


HP Pavilion Laptop – 15z-eh100

For many people a 15-inch laptop is the ideal size – it’s still very much portable, so easy to move around, but has a big enough screen that you don’t have to worry about a cramped display making it hard to work or watch movies. This great Pavilion laptop, then, makes perfect sense, and whichever you choose out of two AMD 5000 series processors you’ll get great performance.

That makes it perfect for working from home or studying, and between 8 and 16GB of RAM can even further cement that speed if you want it to. Its SSD storage means that everything runs really quickly, and you can kit it out with a massive drive if you need loads of space for your files or photos. All in all, it’s a perfect workhorse that’s got a superb modern design to top it all off. 


HP Laptop – 14z-fq1000

Perhaps you want something a little smaller, though – a 14-inch computer is a great way to shrink down the footprint a little without compromising too much on screen size. This option from HP is perfect for that, and the fact that you can give it a touch-screen if you like makes it all the more adaptable.

Of course, at its heart you’ve got an AMD 5000 series CPU to make sure it can still compete, and that makes it brilliant for multitasking and even fairly taxing work. In fact, you can spec it up to be an absolute monster if you like, even though the laptop starts from an impressively affordable price-point. 


HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop -15z-ec200

Perhaps, though, you want a laptop with that AMD brilliance at its core, but some more chops to bring to bear when it comes to gaming – thankfully, HP can help you on that front, too. This Pavilion laptop is a beast, especially if you kit it out with the max specs available.

Pairing a powerful AMD processor with a separate graphics card makes for performance that can crush even recently-released games on high settings, and SSD storage means even loading times can be quick and painless, too. It’s a brilliant package that will make you feel like compromising is a thing of the past. 


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