An Apple patent suggests future devices and AR will use gaze detection to select text input fields


A patent by Apple suggests future devices and AR will use gaze detection to select text input fields

We know from rumors that we won’t be seeing the Apple Glass or any other Apple AR device earlier than 2022. However, this doesn’t mean we won’t be hearing anything about them. AppleInsider reports a new patent has been filed by Apple, hinting that future Apple AR devices will be able to select text input fields just by detecting your gaze. And so will be your iPhone.

Apple’s gaze detection research could mean you will be able to select where to fill in your name or email on a website by gazing at it

As you may probably know, Safari can recognize different types of text input fields in a website (as far as the website has been written correctly that is) and offer your surname in one field and your email in another. However, this still necessitates that you tap on the field in question.

This new patent, submitted by Apple to the US Patent and Trademark Office is something different. It examines the option to select a text input field by determining your gaze. This patent is related to AR, as well as real-world devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

In AR, the AR device itself will have to do gaze detection. This means it will need to have sensors placed in the headset, right next to the eyes. For iPhones and iPads, the scanning or gaze tracking will need to be done from a distance. The scanning will use rays that will be cast or projected towards the users’ eyes to determine the gaze depth and orientation.

According to the patent, it will determine this by looking for the center of the users’ pupil and identifying the visual axis of the eye, so it can know where you’re looking. Quite understandably, the system would need you to look for some unspecified amount of time before activating.


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