Android 12 leaked, features design/security overhaul


(Cybertech) – Following an early leak which suggested a major design change was coming to Android 12, a more recent in-depth leak shows more detail on the fresh look. 

As was suggested previously, widgets in Android 12 are going to get a fresh appearance with little snippets of relevant updates shown within them. 

Similar to the recent Pixel 6 hardware leaks, the Android 12 leak was published by Jon Prosser’s YouTube channel Front Page Tech. In it we see a full promo video which we’ll supposedly be seeing at Google I/O this week. 

The video shows an interface with new fluid animations built into the software as well as a fresh take on theming and colours. Like the phone leak, the software UI appears very 70s inspired in its choice of oranges and pastel shades. 

One big change is how notifications appear to have changed in the notification bar. Instead of having a cluster of icons, there’s a clock with a little number that shows how many notifications you have, which you can then pull down to reveal what they are. 

This little notification indicator is also in the top corner on the lock screen, where a new bigger clock is front and centre. 

We’re also supposed to be expecting a redesigned keyboard from Google, plus the much-talked-about one-handed capability that lets you drag elements of the interface down for easy single handed use. 

If the leak is accurate this could be the most radical design change from Google for a number of years and will give Android 12 a fresh look it’s arguably been needing for a couple of years. 

Away from the appearance on the surface, Google is also said to be doubling-down on security for Android 12. 

Thankfully there’s very little time to wait until we find out how much of it is genuine. Google will undoubtedly give us a full tour of the software at its opening I/O keynote tomorrow. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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