Apple could launch iPad Pro with wireless charging


(Cybertech) – Apple is said to be working on a new iPad Pro which includes wireless charging for the first time, as well as working on the first major design refresh for the iPad mini in years. 

Enabling wireless charging on the tablet means changing the material used on the rear from metal to glass.

If true, that would mean the iPad Pro will be the first iPad to move away from the aluminium rear casing which has been a standard fixture on iPads since the very first model in 2010. 

Of course, due to their size, tablets aren’t the most convenient devices to use wireless chargers with. Not only because the batteries take much longer to refill, but because the size makes it awkward to rest it properly on a charging mat. 

However, with Apple’s MagSafe pucks that wouldn’t be as big an issue, and that’s what’s being tested currently.

Apple is also testing reverse wireless charging on it, which would theoretically allow you to charge your iPhone off the back of the iPad Pro. That would arguably be the most convenient use of the wireless tech, if it was implemented. 

The news comes through Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, who states that the wireless charging capable iPad Pro is set to be launch in 2022. 

In this report Gurman also claims the iPad mini will be getting a redesign – finally – with skinnier bezels being tested. Apple is also looking into removing the home button to facilitate that. 

We imagine that with this redesign it would bring the iPad mini more into line with the likes of the iPad Air and Pro models which all have uniform screen borders on all four sides. 

This is said to be launching later this year alongside a new, thinner model of the entry level iPad aimed at students. 

If Apple’s plans remain the same as they are now – according to Bloomberg – that would mean three iPad redesigns in the space of the next 12 months. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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