Apple has tested an iPhone 13 with Touch ID


(Cybertech) – Apple has tested alternative models of the upcoming iPhone 13 with the addition of Touch ID in conjunction with Face ID, although a unit with both forms of biometrics is unlikely to be released this year, according to the report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. 

The possibility of Apple adding Touch ID to the iPhone has been floated ever since the feature saw its mainstream removal on the iPhone X back in 2017. Since then, fans of the fingerprint reading technology have urged Apple to re-add the feature using an under-display reader, something Samsung and Google have used for years on their respective Galaxy and Pixel lines, but something Apple has been reluctant to implement due to quality and biometric accuracy concerns.  

On its latest iPad Air models, Apple has removed the Touch ID reader from the home button, but for the first time, opted not to make the shift over to Face ID but rather build Touch ID into the iPad Air power button. 

The news here comes from Gurman’s Power On newsletter, who has an accuracy rating of just under 90 per cent as per AppleTrack. 

Alleged photos of the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro in its rumoured Sunset Bronze shade. Notice the enlarged camera module as compared to the iPhone 12 Pro. Photos by @MajinBuOfficial

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