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(Cybertech) – Apple currently delivers one major iOS and iPadOS update per year, with several smaller updates throughout the year adding extra features or implementing security fixes.

That might be about to change however, with 9to5Mac spotting some changes within the internal code of the fourth beta for the upcoming iOS 14.5 update that suggests security updates could become separate to the main updates with new features.

According to the site, a section found within the iOS update menu suggests Apple will offer standalone security updates to iPhone and iPad users in the future.

It’s said users will be able to toggle on security updates and new updates individually, which will enable you to ensure you still get security fixes to your device, even if you choose not to download the latest full iOS software.

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The site also said the code indicates that if you download a specific update, such as a security fix, you might need to delete it before you are able to download another iOS update.

Currently, it is unclear how Apple might implement this, but given Apple offers security updates to Mac users running an older version of MacOS already, and Android works like this too, it wouldn’t be surprising to see iOS and iPadOS also move to this system. 

It is not yet known when the iOS 14.5 update will be released, though it is set to bring some great new features with it, including the ability for Apple Watch users to unlock their iPhone even with a face mask on, as well as some Beats headphones being added to the Find My app.

Writing by Britta O’Boyle.


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