Apple iPhone shipments expected to grow at twice the rate of Android in 2021


Apple iPhone shipments set to grow twice as fast as Android in 2021

The global smartphone market is set to report solid growth this year following the massive setback that was 2020, and new data suggests that Apple’s iPhone will significantly outperform Google’s Android.

iPhone growth will significantly outpace Android in 2021

The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that smartphone shipments will reach 1.37 billion units in 2021, representing media growth of 7.4% for the year and returning the segment to pre-pandemic levels.It’s believed shipments of Google’s Android will increase 6.2%, meaning that its market share will decline a little. But the same can’t be said for Apple’s iPhone, which is expected to experience a 13.8% year-on-year surge in shipments.

The iPhone’s strong performance can be attributed to the ongoing iPhone 12 supercycle, which has seen a massive number of customers upgrade to 5G iPhones and is expected to continue beyond the upcoming iPhone 13 release.

The IDC claims that 5G shipments continue to be the primary driver of shipment growth in 2021 because both smartphone brands and carriers are focusing their efforts on next-generation connectivity.Profit and revenue are key factors in that trend. It’s reported that the average selling price of 5G smartphones will reach $634 in 2021, up from $632 in 2020. To compare, the average selling price of 4G devices is expected to drop to $206 from $277.

As for the distribution of 5G smartphones, China should account for over 47% of global shipments. The US will follow with 16%, and India and Japan will boast a share of 6.1% and 4.1% respectively.

The smartphone market will continue growing steadily until 2025

As for the future, IDC expects the smartphone market to continue growing steadily, albeit at a slower rate, until at least 2025. By then, 3G smartphones will have been almost entirely phased out and 4G devices should account for under 25% of shipments.

Growth in the coming years should come from emerging markets like India, the Middle East, and Africa. Continued recovery in the world’s biggest markets — China, the US, and Western Europe — will play an important role too.


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