Apple macOS Big Sur ready to install on 12 November


(Cybertech) – Apple has confirmed that it will be rolling out its latest macOS update, macOS Big Sur, on Thursday 12 November for not only current MacBook and Mac users, but also in time for three new Mac models powered by Apple’s new M1 processor that are going on sale on 17 November.

The new operating system will usher in a number of new changes, including being optimised for the new Apple M1 processor announced at its “One more thing” event on the 10 November.

It’s not just for those looking to buy the newly announced Macs though.

The new operating system, first announced in June at WWDC, has been primarily designed for Intel Macs and will bring a number of new features to Macs and MacBooks.

Those include new design tweaks that will bring it even more in line with the iPad and iOS operating systems in terms of design and approach, as well as new and improved Messaging abilities and a faster version of Safari.

There is also a stronger focus on privacy and better password monitoring.

And for those who will be using Big Sur on the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini, there will be a number of new features too, including the ability to run iOS and iPadOS apps for the first time, instant wake from sleep, and the promise of an even faster Safari browsing experience.

Apple M1 users will also be able to run Universal app natively on the system as well as use Apple’s Rosetta 2 technology that will allow software that can only run on machines with Intel processors on the new architecture.

The new update will be free.

Writing by Stuart Miles.


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