Apple may sell a record number of iPhone 13 5G units in the U.K. over the next year


Apple may sell a record number of iPhone 13 5G units in the U.K. over the next year

If a survey of 2,000 consumers in the U.K. by Uswitch (via AppleInsider) is any guide to the future, the iPhone 13 series is going to be flying off of the shelves in the U.K. The results of the survey indicate that at least 10 million iPhone 13 series handsets will be sold in the U.K. market over the course of the first year. The survey also reveals that four million of those phones will be purchased immediately after launch.

Survey says: Plenty of iPhone 13 series handsets will be sold in the U.K. over the next year

The numbers are based on the results of the survey and are extrapolated to cover the entire population of the U.K. For example, 19% of the survey taken by USwitch plan said that they plan on upgrading to one of the iPhone 13 models and 19% of the U.K. population equals approximately 10 million people. 8% of those taking the survey (which translates to 4 million consumers) said that they plan on buying an iPhone 13 “right away.”

The survey also revealed that 22% of iPhone users want the new handsets to include a camera upgrade, a faster processor, and an improved screen resolution. Based on rumors, iPhone users will get their camera upgrades, and a faster A15 Bionic chipset manufactured using TSMC’s enhanced N5P process node. The improved screen resolution is not likely. The survey also found that less than 21% of respondents want a 1TB storage option, a new design, and more Apple-developed apps.

54% of respondents in the U.K. say that the iPhone is overpriced and 41% say that it is overrated

34% of survey respondents said that they want Apple to lower the pricing of the iPhone and 27% want the tech giant to put a charger back in the box with each purchase of a new phone. Last year Apple started removing the charging adapter and wired earphones from iPhone 12 boxes. 54% of the U.K. consumers taking the survey said that the iPhone is overpriced and 41% call them overrated.

38% of those taking the survey say that customer loyalty has them returning to the iPhone when the time comes to upgrade to a new smartphone. 42% stated that the iPhone’s “ease of use” keeps them coming back to iOS and the iPhone.

Catherine Hiley, mobiles expert at Uswitch says, “Apple has the most loyal fans of any smartphone brand, and it’s no surprise that millions of iPhone users will be queueing up to get the newest device as soon as it launches. Consumer confidence is high and we’re expecting that the iPhone 13 launch could be bigger than anything we’ve seen from Apple for several years.”

The iPhone 13 series will be introduced at an event being held on September 14th, one week from today. We expect to see the “Pro” models equipped with a 120Hz ProMotion screen. At 120Hz, the display will update 120 times per second, twice the rate of traditional handsets and certain phones including the iPhone 12 line. The combination of sporting a screen that refreshes so quickly and offering 5G connectivity means that the battery will drain more quickly.

But Apple has a couple of solutions. One, it reportedly plans on hiking the capacity of the batteries that it will use to power each of the four iPhone 13 units. The iPhone 13 Pro Max could end up as the first iPhone model ever to sport a battery weighing in above 4000mAh. Secondly, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will come with an LTPO backplane which will allow the refresh rate to be variable depending on the content that appears on the display.

Scrolling will be buttery smooth and users will see enhanced animations with the ProMotion display. But certain content doesn’t require a rapid refresh rate and whenever these appear on the display, the rate will drop sharply in order to save battery life.

If Apple does manage to sell 10 million iPhones in the U.K., it would be quite a feat. In 2019, the last year data was available, Apple delivered 7.1 million handsets in the market.


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