Apple’s Beats Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds are now way too cheap to turn down


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If you’re in the market for an affordable pair of trendy true wireless earbuds, we can totally understand why you’d rule out Apple’s many popular options pretty much right off the bat. Whether we’re talking about the “regular” second-gen AirPods or the high-end Pro model, it’s relatively easy to find cheaper alternatives with comparable if not superior features and capabilities made by a number of different companies.

Obviously, the same goes for the Beats-branded Powerbeats Pro, which are normally priced at an arguably excessive $249.99 with a sporty design, stellar battery life, and essentially unrivaled stability in your ear.
But believe it or not, if you hurry, you can get these Apple-made bad boys at an insanely low $89.99 a pair after a huge $160 discount. You only have a few more hours at the time of this writing to pull the trigger, and in case you’re wondering, yes, there is a “catch” you need to take into consideration before deciding this killer new deal is right for you.

Specifically, you’ll have to settle for a refurbished Moss-coated unit if you want to save the full aforementioned 160 bucks, certified by Best Buy to work flawlessly and look as good as new after a “thorough, painstaking, and loving” testing process.

Since the brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged Powerbeats Pro are still available for anywhere between $150 and $200 from most major US retailers in a wide array of color options, we can probably all agree this unbeatable $90 price makes the certified refurbished “compromise” well worth the effort.

Don’t forget that we’re talking about some very robust (and almost surprisingly comfortable) sweat-resistant wireless earphones here capable of keeping your favorite tunes going for a maximum of 9 hours on a single charge while taking that already impressive endurance score over the combined 24-hour mark. Not bad for an ultra-affordable product that also has Fast Fuel charging technology and the same Apple H1 chip as the second-gen AirPods going for it, eh?


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