Apple’s charger-less iPhone 12 is the star of its latest environmental report


Copper, iron, zinc – these are all metals that go into our phone chargers, and Apple is parading that it saved literally tons of those by not including charging bricks in the iPhone 12’s boxes.

How much exactly? Well, according to Apple’s latest Environmental Progress Report, going brick-less saved 861,000 metric tons of copper, tin, and zinc ore. In addition, the decision to deprive iPhone 12 series users of their rightfully earned chargers meant a lot of plastic and boxing paper production saved, plus a lot less transportation emissions as Apple was able to significantly reduce the box size, hence fit much more iPhones in individual shipping containers.
Leaving out those adapters was a bold change for Apple, and a necessary one for our planet,” claims the company on its the environmental website. “Since removing them from iPhone and Apple Watch packaging last year, we’ve avoided mining a significant amount of materials from the earth, and we’ve eliminated the emissions that come from processing and transporting them,” it added.


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