Apple’s working on Apple TV for Xboxes and PlayStations


(Cybertech) – Apple’s apps and casting services have long been absent from the two biggest games console brands going, in the form of Xbox and PlayStation devices. 

That’s a blind spot it’s apparently now looking to fix, perhaps after realising how many people use their home console as a primary media hub for their TV. Apple is reportedly working with both Microsoft and Sony to bring its Apple TV app to their consoles soon. 

The Xbox strand of this is more concrete, with some gamers from the Xbox Insider testing programme seeing the option to use an Apple TV app for the first time, which has never previously been available on the platform. 

Subsequently, a source has tipped of the team at 9to5Mac that it believes this policy is also seeing Apple work with Sony to bring the same functionality to PlayStation consoles, whether that’s the existing PS4 or soon-to-be-released PS5. 

It’s not too surprising that Apple would be planning around both ecosystems, especially in light of its very public spat with Microsoft over game streaming service apps on its own iOS and iPadOS platforms. 

That source also indicated that HomeKit support might also be coming for the consoles down the line, which would be intriguing, and could also signal that AirPlay 2 could also follow, turning the consoles into great casting devices for Apple users. 

For now, though, there’s no official confirmation to go with any of it, so we’re in the dark as far as a timeline on any possible releases are concerned. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.


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