Astounding aerial photos or amazing abstract art?


(Cybertech) – We’ve seen before just how impressive drone photographs can be. There are more and more drones available now, many of which are more than capable of capturing incredible footage. 

Drone photographers though, need more than the right equipment, the ability to fly and a knowledge of the regulations. They also need an eye for a great photo.  

Drones can be used for capturing all kinds of aerial images shot from above are often impressive. At the right angle though, sometimes they can look like a work of abstract art more than a simple snap of our world. 

Mike and JP Andrews working under the Instagram handle @abstractaerialart certainly have a flair for capturing these sorts of images. Take a journey with us through a collection of our favourite photos published by the two British brothers. 


Pretty pink

Every image from this Instagram account comes with the caption:

“The point is not to work out what it is, but to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above.”

Each and every photo fits this mantra well. It’s sometimes not clear what you’re actually looking at, but it’s certainly always an interesting view. 


The eggshell

Cracked lines of the earth below look like an intricate network of winding roads or veins. The white surface likened to a delicate eggshell. 


Rocky paradise

A lone rocky island sits surrounded by beautiful waters. The colours and contours of the surrounding sea contrast wonderfully with the jagged rocks. 


A beach with a view 

Lines of unoccupied deck chairs sit at the water’s edge, almost beckoning the waves inward. 


Homes by the water

Neat waterways and careful property development make for an interesting residential area. This layout also conjures an incredible view when snapped from this angle. 


Amazing aerial maze

It’s amazing just how different a maze looks from above. This aerial view of a man made maze makes for an impressive work of art – both in terms of the photo and the lines of the maze itself. 


The downed plane

A crashed plane surrounded by undergrowth. The straight lines of the fuselage contrast perfectly with the messy natural vegetation that surrounds it. We like how the plane almost looks furry from above too. 


Symmetrical automobiles

A parking lot full of white cars appears almost symmetrical when snapped by a drone from this angle. This is one of the most pleasing images we’ve seen in a while. 


Colourful cargo containers

From the ground, these rows and rows of cargo containers probably look fairly imposing. From above, they’re simply colourful and irregularly arranged rectangles. 


Relaxing holiday retreat

Another tranquil beach photo taken before the deckchair claiming mania begins. This brilliantly posed image captures the lines and shadows in a superbly satisfying way. 


Tank tops

From relaxing beach scenes to manmade armoured vehicles. This top-down view captures the menacing lines of armoured fighting vehicles and somehow allows us to marvel at their majesty. 


Tennis for the masses

Towering and imposing apartment builds surround tennis courts far below. This image makes us wish the original architects had focussed more on symmetry with the design layout. As an abstract image though, it’s brilliant. 


Top Gun

A lone fighter with sleek lines and an equally sleek finish makes for another awesome aerial snap. Quite amusing to see one flying vehicle capturing an image of another as well.


Concrete jungle 

Massive towering skyscrapers aren’t often seen from this height through a fisheye lens. There’s something messy, yet utterly pleasing about this image of an imposing concrete jungle spread out below. 


The waterfall

A vortex-like waterfall is actually a fairly common sight. These are known as “spillways” and are drains that allow for controlled release of excess waters from dams and reservoirs. These systems not only prevent overflow and damage to the surrounding area, but also make for some pretty spectacular photos. 


Military Fort

This satisfying image appears to show an old island fort, peacefully overgrown with grass and vegetation. Waves gently lap at its edges while we wonder at its majesty. 


Floral boat show

These moored boats make for a nice accidental man-made flower. We love the lines and colours of these sorts of images. 


The terminal

The Instagram brothers took this image at an airport terminal, but they noted in the caption:

“Yes, this is an airport. Yes, we had permission to do this from the on site security. No, we did not disrupt any air traffic!.. the place is abandoned!”

Don’t try this at home, or at an airport. 


Winding roads

Whenever we see a photo like this, we wish we were in an open top sports car blasting down these winding roads. This aerial view certainly shows this tarmac wasn’t laid over Roman roads. Makes for an incredible view though. 


Aquaculture pools

This colourful view shows an aerial angle of manmade breeding pools for salt and freshwater fish. Colourful waters, brilliant lines and an excellent photo work wonders together. 

These were just a sample of some of the best drone photos from Abstract Aerial Art. Be sure to check out the account on Instagram to enjoy even more aerial imagery brilliance. 



This aerial photograph of a scrapyard shows that even man’s discarded belongings are capable of being beautiful when presented in a certain format.



A brilliant aerial photograph snapped in Dubai shows off the wonder of the land from above. It would be far too easy to miss something like this when on the ground.  


Danger Zone

More hidden beauty in the form of a broken down old aeroplane, no longer able to fly yet photographed from the air. 


C you in the middle

Even a maze can look entirely different and somehow even more impressive when shot from above. This one shows off some brilliant abstract lines that are easy on the eye and thoroughly pleasing too. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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