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(Cybertech) – When you pick up a beautiful new bit of Apple kit, whether it’s a new iPhone or a pair of AirPods Pro, one of the first things that’ll probably go through your mind is the fear of dropping it.

So many of us put our phones in cases immediately, but it can often be hard to find a case that’s had as much care and attention put into it as the device it’s protecting. That’s one of the things that sets Atom Studios apart – it’s got beautiful cases that happen to also be sustainable. We’ve been using them for a little while now, and wanted to explore what makes them so special right here.  

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1. Superb designs

Atom Studios’ origin story is a pretty impressive one – its founders, after working at some of the industry’s biggest brands, were on the search for tech accessories that ticked more than one box. They needed to be beautifully designed, but also supremely functional, plus it was critical that sustainability was at their core too. Ticking these three boxes turned out to be harder than you might think, which likely explains why there is nothing like it in the market. 

The only thing left to do was create them themselves, and that was the genesis of Atom Studios and its line of products. With longstanding industry experts making up every part of the team, it can call on first-hand experience in what consumers want from a great phone case, something that’s obvious when you pick one of its cases up. 

That first priority, beautiful design, is unsurprisingly obvious when you check out its cases, which are complete standouts compared to the crowd. They’re unique and refined, rather than generic and uninspired, but pair that with a functional side that keeps them slim and light. The textures make them really satisfying to hold, soft to the touch without being slippery in your hands, too. They’re some of the only third-party cases we’ve used that match the quality of Apple’s own products, but with a design flair of their own.

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2. Made sustainably

The next of Atom Studios’ key priorities focuses on sustainability, which is easily seen in the design of their cases – featuring premium eco-conscious materials, some of which they developed from scratch themselves. Pairing anodised aluminium with either wood fibre or silicone, responsibly sourced materials and recyclable parts make for a phone case that isn’t a throwaway. 

But it doesn’t just stop at materials – the packaging of your Atom Studios case is plastic-free and recyclable. Atom Studios is setting up a full carbon offset scheme to ensure that any footprint it does have is accounted for with newly planted trees, and it’s constantly assessing the ethical values of its suppliers and operations to ensure that sustainability is prioritised.

Minimising their designs’ impact on the planet is part of Atom Studios’ mission, but alongside the obvious moral weight of the manufacturing decisions, these materials have benefits for the user, too. Their scratch-resistance and hardiness that ensures the cases are truly protective, even if you drop your phone a matter of metres. You’ll be able to rely on it still working just fine when you pick it up, making for a nice bit of peace of mind. 

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3. Simple and elegant

Ultimately, how the case performs on a daily basis is going to be the key to Atom Studios’ success. In our opinion the experience is seamless.

With a microfibre lining giving a further layer of internal protection, drops are no longer something to fear. Smart features are also packed in without being shouted about.

For example, the cases are compatible with MagSafe charging, to make sure that you can recharge your phone however you prefer. For boosted protection, they also boast a 1mm raised edge to better preserve your screen. 

Simply put, the combination of high-quality, responsibly-sourced materials and expert design makes Atom Studios cases a proposition that most of the market can’t match up to. You get a stunning case with a minimised impact on the planet, and an evocation of your unique style.

Best of all, you’re not cut out of the club if you don’t have the very latest iPhone – there are Atom Studios cases to suit a range of older handsets. You can also pick up charging cables, power banks and cable weights to round out your selection of beautiful accessories. Check out the full range, and pick the perfect option for your phone, on the Atom Studios website. 

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