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(Cybertech) – Olloclip used to offer clip-on lenses for smartphones that worked as a means to enhance the camera on your device to deliver even more impressive results. 

These clip-on lenses included everything from fisheye to wide-angle, macro lenses and more. All of which can be changed by flipping the Olloclip and swapping the lens on a whim.

Olloclip was incredibly popular for a while, thanks to the ability to make normally mundane scenes look stunning. That applied with a decent smartphone and a bit of an eye for a shot, has resulted in brilliant nature snaps and mind-bending macros. Sadly, since smartphone camera tech has improved, the need for Olloclip has diminished. 

Still, Olloclip enhanced images made for impressive viewing, so we’re still keen to show off just how awesome they were. Check out this gallery to see what people have managed to produce. 

Impressive telephoto

Some of these photos are seriously impressive. Of course, smartphone cameras have come a long way and are fairly capable themselves, but the addition of an Olloclip lens means telephoto style images like this can be snapped. A fast-moving car, captured whizzing colourfully down a racetrack without much fuss at all. 

adrenalmedia234 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 25


Fine lines, tiny drops of water and amazing views of something as simple as a leaf, all made possible with Olloclip macro lenses. 

thecuriousb34 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 5

Close-up creatures

If you’ve always wanted to snap close up images of creatures in your world, but thought you didn’t have the gear to do so, then Olloclip is the answer. Nifty little photos like this one of a small spider, brilliantly captured to even include all the tiny hairs on its legs. 

Marvellous macros

With all the amazing macro photographs created using Olloclip lenses, you could be forgiven for thinking that’s all they’re for, but there are also wide-angle, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. When you see images like this though, there’s no denying how amazing the macro lenses are and the images they can help capture. 

Massive photos with a tiny lens

It’s not just fans of macro photography that love Olloclip. Photographers with big ideas love them too. Like this image from the Pima Air & Space Museum showing a massive, hulking aircraft snapped on a smartphone. 

A view of the waters

When there’s a really special view to snap, but your smartphone lens doesn’t quite give you the framing or ability to capture the whole thing then Olloclip might be the means to get it done. This brilliantly colourful view of waterways is perfect proof of this. 

Little ladybirds

Even tiny ladybirds can be made to seem enormous with a macro lens and an eye for detail. Marlene Liebenberg captured this magnificent photo of a ladybird with an iPhone and an Olloclip. 

Street photography

Olloclip is a versatile thing for sure. Whether fisheye photography, wide-angle snaps or ace macros, these lenses are great for all sorts. Even street photography is improved. A dash of bokeh, a nighttime glimmer and brilliant angles makes for a fantastic image. 

Spidey spidey

We’re always impressed by how interesting spiders look when snapped this close up. This one almost looks kind of cute, unless you’re an arachnophobe of course. 

Buzz off

We certainly loathe flies almost as much as we hate wasps. 

Tarni Roebuck might not agree with us though. She uses her Olloclip lenses to photograph all manner of insects and manages to do so while making it look like she’s an insect portrait photographer. 

Water droplets

Is there anything more satisfying than a perfectly formed raindrop on a flower petal? 

Piritta Malinen certainly appreciates them and has a talent for snapping them too. 

Wet spider

Impressed by macro photos of spiders and close up photos of water droplets? How about a cracking Olloclip image that includes both? That is one damp arachnid. 

Frosty petals

This amazing shot was taken with a 15 times macro lens and shows some frosty flower petals.

It’s such a delicious image it almost looks like slivers of lemon sorbet.

Snake eye

Olloclip images are certainly enough to blow your socks off or make your skin crawl.

But to see the possible images you can capture using an older iPhone make these gadgets even more impressive. 

Watching time

It’s time to take a good photo. This Instagramming watch enthusiast knows how brilliant Olloclip lenses are and how they can be used to create brilliant images of all sorts of things, even the humble wristwatch. 

Beauty by the bay

Olloclips super-wide lenses also give you the option of snapping impressive view of the horizon, fantastic sunsets or just colourful skies by the bay. 


An amazing fisheye view of some impressive flamingoes relaxing in the incredible waters of the coast of Aruba. Certainly gets us daydreaming of holidaying on warmer shores. 

Fisheye stadium

It’s not often you get the opportunity to see the entirety of a sports stadium in a single image unless it’s an aerial drone photo. Olloclip fisheye lens help give the full view of all the spectators enjoying the game. 

Icey shards

Snowflakes look great up close, but even little shards of ice particles can astound the eye when snapped in this way.

It’s amazing what a little additional lens can do for your phone photography. 

Everyday views?

Olloclips macro lenses have such a good zoom on them that they can make the ordinary extraordinary.

Impressive views like this are all possible with your phone’s camera. 

Twitter/Olloclip34 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 2

Macro snowflakes

Many of the coolest Olloclip photos feature close-up macro shots with impressive results that you wouldn’t believe were taken by a mere smartphone. This image of a snowflake is a perfect example of that. 

sdhardy8934 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 4

At a distance

Even without being clipped directly onto a phone, the Olloclip can be added into the frame of a photo to create some interesting results. Certainly, a neat way to add a spot of curiosity to any image.

fabulous74to34 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 6

Close-up beauty

It’s not just insects that appear in these Olloclip photos either. These lenses are also used shoot nature, flowers and more. Stunning images of our world you’d never normally take the time to see. 

adrenalmedia334 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 18

The globe

The ability to create fish-eye views of the world around us also make Olloclip lenses versatile and interesting. Images like this show quirky and unusual sights.

aeperformance34 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 19


The Olloclip lenses aren’t just for close-up shots or fisheye photos, they’re also great for adding style to everyday objects. Showing off awesome cars with a stylish angle, for example, works really well. 

adamhiscox34 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 21

Colourful views

These photos are certainly inspiring. If you want to snap images that will make you stand out from a sea of selfies, then Olloclip can certainly help.

Colourful close-ups like this are just a taste of what’s possible. 

beardedwriter34 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 22

Snowflakes everywhere

We never get bored of seeing these macro shots of snowflakes. It’s not just an impressive photo, but also a fascinating view of nature and how individually beautiful these flakes of ice are. 


fakethom34 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 26

Golden curves

Some of the macro images are so good that it’s not even clear what the subject is. Unusual photos simply snapped with a smartphone. 

anagramforink34 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 27


A very small dash of focus, a macro shot and a whole lot of blur makes nature all that more impressive, even in the cold chill of winter. 

theaaronburden34 best olloclip photos you’ll be amazed what a phone camera can do image 28

Etched edges

More snowflakes, more macros, more Olloclip magic. These sorts of snaps are fantastically beautiful and impressive too, considering the gear used to take the image. 

Writing by Adrian Willings and Luke Edwards. Originally published on .


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