Best camera deals Amazon Prime Day 2020: Canon, Sony, more


(Cybertech) – Looking for a great deal on a new camera? Amazon Prime Day is on this week between 13-14 October, with the online retailer slashing prices across its store – meaning you can snap up a compact, mirrorless, DSLR or lens deal over the two-day sale period.

We’ll be bringing you all the deals here when they’re live. 

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial to Amazon Prime to take advantage of Prime Day deals. You can cancel anytime as there is no obligation to continue. Read more about the benefits here

What Amazon Prime Day US camera deals took place last year 


Canon EOS Rebel SL2 with 18-55mm lens – save 30%, now $384. Only Canon makes a small-scale DSLR camera, the SL series, designed to rival the advance of mirrorless cameras in the market. It’s small, it’s cute, it delivers great quality – and it’s on a great offer for today only. See the Rebel SL2 kit lens deal here


Fujifilm X-H1 mirrorless camera body – save 9%, now $1,179. Fuji’s top-end camera can shoot super-fast and delivers exceptional quality. The viewfinder is massive, too, which makes this mirrorless comparable to a DSLR in our view. It’s on offer body-only. View the Fuji X-H1 deal

What Amazon Prime Day UK camera deals took place last year 


• Pentax K-70 dual lens kit – save 30%, now £749.99: The real bargain aspect here is that it comes with two lenses: the 18-55mm kit lens, but also a 55-300mm (f/4-5.8), meaning there’s a lot of versatility in what you can capture straight out of the box. Catch the Pentax K-70 kit lens deal


• Panasonic GX9 with triple lens kit – save 34%, now £689.99: Perhaps the best Prime Day deal for cameras yet, this great Panasonic mirrorless system comes with three lenses: a 25mm prime, great for portraits; a 12-32mm standard zoom lens; plus a 35-100mm zoom, far better for catching those far-away subjects. Look at the GX9 with three lenses deal

• Fujifilm X-T100 mirrorless with 15-45mm lens – save 31%, now £429: The entry-level model to Fuji’s range opens the door to a very versatile system camera. Check out the Fuji X-T100 deal

• Panasonic Lumix G7 with 14-42mm lens – save 37%, now £398.99: Talk about affordable. If you’ve been keen to buy into a system camera then Panasonic is one of the most flexible, with all manner of autofocus modes and features that you won’t mind in other, similar price models. See the Panasonic G7 deal

• Panasonic Lumix G80 with 12-60mm lens – save 39%, now £489.99: The G80 was, when it came out, the most affordable way to acquire 4K capture from a compact system camera. That legacy still holds strong, especially when the asking price is under £500. It’s a great stills camera too. View the Panasonic G80 deal

• Sony A7 full-frame mirrorless camera body – save 57%, now £659: The first full-frame mirrorless camera from Sony is a few years older these days, but it’s a bargain way into the world of full-frame quality. Check out the Sony A7 deal

• Sony A6500 mirrorless camera body – save 37%, now £949: If you’re not interested in full-frame and want a portable, small-scale, yet super-fast interchangeable lens system then the A6500 is almost unrivalled. See the Sony A6500 deal here

Advanced compact:

• Panasonic Lumix LX100 – save 30%, now £348.99: The first camera of its type, Panasonic loaded this baby with the same Micro Four Thirds sensor that you’ll find in its G-series interchangeable lens cameras. That means it’s a little bulky, but image quality is unrivalled by most other compacts – especially at this price! View the Panasonic LX100 deal

• Sony RX100 Mark III compact camera – save 53%, now £379: The best accessible high-end compact camera series is the RX100. This third-gen model pairs a 1-inch sensor size with pop-up viewfinder. And with £100 off it’s a bargain pocketable compact if you’re looking for better-than-phone photos. See the Sony RX100 III deal

• Sony RX100 Mark IV compact camera – save 52%, now £479: The fourth-gen edition to this high-end compact adds a stacked sensor construction for even better quality compared to the MkIII, while the faster processing means 4K video and a 16fps burst mode to boot. Check out the Sony RX100 IV deal

• Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II compact camera – save 27%, now £399: The third-generation model has just been announced, so here’s a chance to grab the second-gen with a bargain £100 off. It’s got a 1-inch sensor and decent lens from such a compact package. The screen even faces forward for selfies. View the Canon G7X II deal

• Fujifilm XF10 fixed lens compact camera – save 29%, now £319: If you want a taste of Fujifilm’s image quality then the APS-C sensor size in this compact camera is the same as you’ll find in many of its mirrorless systems. Only, of course, at a cut of the price. View the Fuji XF10 deal


• Sony RX10 superzoom camera – save 41%, now £489: Looking for something with a bit more reach? A superzoom will be the perfect suitor. This Sony is like an RX100 high-end compact but with a much longer lens, meaning it can shoot far-away subjects as if they’re closer. It’s not nearly as small, of course, but that’s all part of the package. View the Sony RX10 deal

Nikon Coolpix P1000 superzoom camera – save 19%, now £889: This is the big daddy of all superzoom cameras, thanks to its massive 24-3000mm equivalent zoom lens. It’s huge and will look like a telescope when extended, but if you’re into astrophotography it’ll do you just fine. See the Nikon P1000 deal


• Panasonic Lumix TZ100 compact camera – save 37%, now £282.99: Our favourite ‘travel camera’ series ever, the TZ is top of the stack when it comes to delivering zoom from a small package. And with a considerable price cut, it’s a steal. Check out the Panasonic TZ100 deal

• Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II compact camera – save 36%, now £289: A smaller-scale 1-inch sensor compact compared to the G7 X (above), this pocketable compact is all about quality. And with £80 off, it’s hard to ignore. Check out the Canon G9X II deal

Action Cam:

• GoPro Hero6 action camera – save 34%, now £263.49: The latest action camera from the best-in-the-business, GoPro, the Hero 6 has offers 4K capture and a built-in touch display. Its small scale means it can go basically anywhere too. See the GoPro Hero6 deal

Amazon Prime Day 2020 quick links

Below are quick links straight to deals pages for the top retailers, just in case you’re looking for something that we haven’t covered. 

Writing by Mike Lowe. Editing by Dan Grabham.


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