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Memorial Day is barely five days away, and many of us are preparing to spend the much-anticipated long weekend relaxing under the warm spring sun with family and friends. On this day we remember and honor those who lost their lives while serving in the American military, laying the foundation for our country’s peace and prosperity today. 

As per tradition, most of us will spend the long weekend savoring this freedom to the fullest, roasting barbecue in the backyard while catching up on lost time with our loved ones, and perhaps commemorating the date with fireworks and guitar songs around cozy fires that night.

Leading up to the holiday, each year, many stores have taken to offering Memorial Day deals to join in the festivities, in case some of us want to express our love for a dear one in the form of a thoughtful gift. 

As per usual, we try to collect the best of the tech deals, and show you the most attractive offers if you’ve a hankering to get someone (or yourself) a little something special in the way of smartphones this time of spring. 

When is Memorial Day 2021?

Each year, Memorial Day in the United States falls on the last Monday in the month of May. This year, the holiday is happening on May 31, the last day of the month and less than a week away. 

All deals are constantly being updated, so check back often!

Memorial Day Deals on iPhones

There’s all kinds of deals on the hottest iPhones right now, from trade-in to BOGO (buy one get one free) and others. 

Verizon is offering an essentially free iPhone 12 Proif you buy another one that is an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max. Upon purchase of any of these phones, you can get another up to $1000 off. The only caveat is that you need to buy it with 24-30 monthly payments and purchase an Unlimited plan on both phones. 

If you don’t need two phones and are just trying to upgrade, Verizon’s got you with a trade-in offer of up to $800 off the iPhone 12, 12 Pro or Pro Max if your old handset is still in working condition. 

Both the BOGO and trade-in Verizon offers are stackable with another $200 credit if you’re adding a new line!

The slightly older but well supported iPhone XS 64GB is on sale at AT&T for only $150 right now for the shopper on a budget ($750 off retail price!). You only have to commit to an Unlimited Plan and pay it off over 30 months for $5/mo, and it’s yours. 

Same rules apply to get the iPhone 11 64GB for $300, 128GB for $450 (all paid off over 30 months). Or, get the iPhone SE (2020) 64GB for $150, or 128GB for $300. Remember, these deals are only out for a limited time!

With AT&T, you receive $250 in credits when you add a line or switch from another carrier.

OnePlus Memorial Day Deals

OnePlus is coming in strong to the Memorial Day deals game, offering a few pretty significant limited-time deals. You can either get $150 off on the OnePlus 8T, or $200 off the OnePlus 8 until May 31. You can get another $50 off each phone exclusively through their mobile app, but only until May 27. Plus, they are throwing in a free bumper case for good measure, courtesy of graduation season (quantities are limited).

The OnePlus 7T is also a whopping $200 cheaper (or 33% off) right now. All these offers are no trade-in, no strings attached, limited-time deals.

Memorial Day Deals on Samsung

Best Buy‘s got some great deals on the current Samsung Galaxy flagship, also no strings attached (a rare thing for smartphones!). It’s a lucky time of the year, as they’ve got $150-$250 discounts running on ALL unlocked S21 models and storage variants. The only requirement is that you activate it on the day of purchase.

However, if you do opt for carrier activation on Best Buy’s Galaxy S21 5G (through Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint), your savings total can leap up to $350 off.

At AT&T, you can find a few more diverse deals. 2020’s very budget-friendly 32GB Galaxy A12 is only $30, down from $180, and the 64GB Galaxy A32 is $150 (down from $280). The only conditions are that you get it with an unlimited wireless plan and pay it off over 30 months.

There’s also a Galaxy S21+ 5G trade-in deal for possible savings of up to $700 at AT&T. (Nearly all brands are accepted for trade-in!)

Memorial Day Deals at Motorola

Motorola, the OG of smartphone brands that speaks sturdiness, simplicity, and reliability, won’t be left in the dust in the Memorial Day sale fest. The Motorola Edge—a no-nonsense flagship from last year—is currently marked at $200 off. That’s quite a steal: you’d be hard-pressed to find another solid smartphone with 256GB of storage for $499.99
The iconic foldable Motorola razr 5G phone is also $200 off, or as little as $50/mo with 0% APR. The budget-friendly Motorola One 5G, on the other hand, can be had for a mere $299.99.

All these Motorola Deals are valid until May 31.

Memorial Day Best Deals on Cases

Totalleecase.com, which specializes in sleek and discreet phone cases for iPhone, Pixel, and Galaxy devices, has let us in on an ultra-special deal. Using the code MEMORIAL, you can get 50% off anything and everything on the site (yes, everything) for a limited time. The offer is good until the end of May 31, so time enough to get yourself or a loved one a shiny gadget and proper, stylish protection.

We’ll keep updating this list with the best and most current Memorial Day smartphone deals, so remember to check in again soon!


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