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Black Friday 2020 is sure going to be an interesting time for tech head. This year, we got some pretty cool smartphones. 5G aside, we’ve got great cameras, cool new design, and great smartwatches to pair with said phones. And hey, there’s bound to be other interesting tech deals — so, why not explore them as well?Here, we will take a look at the best Samsung offers on Black Friday — the ones that are already available and the ones we expect.

Black Friday Samsung deals: smartphones, tablets, watches, headphones

Samsung Galaxy S20 series

Currently, Amazon is running a $200 off deal on the S20 and S20 Ultra, while the S20+ can be had for a mere $100 off. So, it’s a pretty good time to grab the “small Samsung flagship” from the first half of 2020. It’s a fantastic phone with a vibrant screen, very good camera, and flashy design. Or, you can go for the overkill Galaxy S20 Ultra with its 100x zoom. In any case, here are the deals:

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Released recently, but still technically a part of the S20 series. The Galaxy S20 FE has all the powerful internals and the same fantastic AMOLED screen. Its camera has had a very slight downgrade, some would say, and the back of its body is plastic. It also does not feature a curved screen, but is flat instead. Its MSRP is $700, which is a pretty good offer for that phone, but at $500? That’s a lot of phone for the money!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

The Note phones have always been the poweruser’s dream. Top-tier hardware, humongous screen, the best cameras Samsung has on offer, and that useful S Pen stylus. In 2020, the Note 20 Ultra carries that legacy, while the Note 20 us an awkward middle child that was not properly placed in the market, we feel. It lacks the high refresh rate screen that the Ultra has and its back is plastic, yet it still costs a good $1k. In our review, we said that if this phone costs $800, we might be able to recommend it. Well… would you look at these Amazon deals here?

Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71

The A series is what we call the upper-midrangers. They have the premium screens that Samsung is known for, good-looking design, and pretty serviceable cameras. Still, some corners were cut in order to make them a bit cheaper. You won’t find high refresh rates here and the cameras are not capable of insane zooms or extraordinary dynamic range. The hardware inside is above average, but can’t compete with the S series and the Notes. With the Black Friday deals, these are pretty cool phones for those that don’t consider themselves a heavy user, but would like a nice-looking phone none the less.

On Best Buy, you can save up to $200 on the Galaxy A51 5Gand up to $275 on the Galaxy A71 5G, so long as you activate the phones with a carrier upon purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Last year’s Note 10 still has a certain elegance to it. It’s thin, its camera module is not obnoxious, and it comes in shiny finishes. The non-plus model (the one that’s on offer here) is small for a modern-day Note device, but still rocks an S Pen with all of its features. It’s a… “cute” Note for sure and the answer to many people-s prayers. Namely “We want a phone that has an S Pen and still fits in our pockets!”. No 5G support and no ultra-high refresh rate here, but its performance is still not to be scoffed at — it’s a pretty good phone for that price!

Samsung Galaxy Note10 – with Sprint activation

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is slim and understated, meant to bridge the gap between a functional smartwatch and a fitness tracker that doesn’t look or feel obnoxious. It simulates a mechanical rotating bezel with a touch rim that runs around the display and it comes in two different sizes. The Galaxy Watch 3 is a full-blown watch, built with heavy metals and adorned with heavy accents all around. Also comes in two sizes.
But that’s not all. If you’ve been looking for a nice pair of earbuds, you can get the Galaxy Buds Live in a package with a Galaxy Watch Active 2 for a grand total of $250. That’s a $120 off on the Buds right there.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy Tab S6

The Galaxy Tab A tablets are certainly no headspinners in terms of performance. They are meant to be your regular media-consuming machine for light games and Netflix binging, not much more. The Galaxy Tab S6 is 2019’s flagship tablet from Samsung and it still holds up. It even comes with its own S Pen stylus, which is fantastic — no need to splurge extra for a quality stylus experience here.

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