Casio’s titanium G-Shock is all shades of retro cool


(Cybertech) – Casio has announced the GMW-B5000TR watch, a G-Shock watch that employs a titanium alloy in the case and strap for extra protection and, well, super cool look.

Not quite a smartwatch, but able to link to a smartphone for several functions, the 5000-series wristpiece uses TranTixxii materials. It’s a titanium alloy created by the Nippon Steel Corporation with some of its partners and provides “roughly twice” the hardness of standard titanium.

It remains lightweight, anticorrosive and hypoallergenic, however. And, it produces a mirror finish that is usually difficult in standard titanium equivalents.

The watch features multi-coloured ion plating that results in different hues across the case and strap.

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As well as smartphone connectivity through an iOS or Android application for automatic time adjustment, world time and other features, it utilises Casio’s Tough Solar power system, Multiband 6 radio wave reception, and an auto LED backlight.

And, while we don’t know for sure, we’re confident the watch will have scratchproof glass as standard, of course.

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability, although the other 5000-series G-Shock digital watches start at around £450 with a metal finish. We’d expect this special edition titanium version to be upwards of that – possibly considerably so.

Writing by Rik Henderson.


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