Chromecast will be able to use Nest Audio devices as a home the


(Cybertech) – Google has confirmed that it is working to integrate Chromecast and Nest Audio, meaning that you’ll be able to use your Nest device to provide the audio for whatever you’re watching via your Chromecast on your TV.

A rumour pointing to such integration circulated recently and Google confirmed that it is working on a solution to The Wall Street Journal, as reported by Android Central.

Chromecast and Nest, or older Google Home, devices already have a link, letting you control Chromecast with voice from your Google Assistant device – but the future functionality looks to be more useful. Being able to route the soundtrack through your Nest Audio will give you more flexibility when it comes to watching shows on your TV.

That should mean that with a couple of a Nest Audio speakers, you can boost the sound from your TV substantially, with the caveat that it will only work when you’re streaming  content from your Chromecast. That’s fine for when you’re watching Netflix, but what if you’re doing something that’s not streamed? What if you’re playing on your new Xbox Series X?

Amazon offers a similar service with the Fire TV Stick, allowing you to connect Echo speakers so you can have a more dynamic setup, something you can also arrange with HomePod and Apple TV.

The question is whether this is really the solution you want. If your TV sounds bad, then getting a compact soundbar might be a better solution than building an ad hoc system that only works with some content.

That’s where a device like the Roku Streambar might come in, offering both the streaming skills, and a pretty capable soundbar too, ideal for a small room and an easy TV upgrade.


Writing by Chris Hall.


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