Corsair now has an awesome looking 60 per cent keyboard


(Cybertech) – Corsair has revealed its first 60 per cent mechanical gaming keyboard – the K65 RGB Mini. 

This tiny little gaming keyboard promises to pack a mass of features into a compact frame. That includes Cherry MX mechanical key switches, per-key RGB illumination, an insane 8,000Hz polling rate and more besides. 

This style of miniature keyboard is becoming more popular with gamers of late. Especially those who enjoy the extra mouse and desk space that naturally comes from owning and using such a small keyboard.


Corsair is the latest brand to jump on the bandwagon of 60 per cent keyboards. Joining the likes of HyperX, Ducky and others that already have boards available. Razer revealed its first 60 per cent back in July 2020 and now it’s Corsair’s turn. 

On paper, the K65 RGB Mini looks great too. It promises to cram all the functionality of a larger keyboard into the more compact frame with “dozens of onboard function shortcuts” being accessible, including lighting, profiles, on-the-fly macro recording and more. Those are all buried in the main keys and require a press of the function key to access but should keep gamers content. 

Corsair also claims the K65 RGB Mini is one of the fastest keyboards around as well, thanks to that AXON Hyper-Processing Technology. This tech means the K65 RGB Mini is able to offer an 8,000Hz hyper-polling rate which means it can send signals eight times faster than most standard gaming keyboards. This helps cut down latency and maximises your gaming experience. But it also means you can do clever stuff like layering RGB lighting effects, with as many as 20 effects layered to maximum effect. 

The Corsair K65 RGB Mini has launched with three different key switch options – Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Silent and Cherry MX Speed. So there should be something to keep everyone happy.


Another highlight is the option to purchase Corsair PBT double-shot Pro keycap mod kits to complement the K65 RGB Mini.

These kits will be available in a range of colours – Onyx Black, Arctic White, Elgato Blue, ORIGIN Red, Rogue Pink, and Mint Green and really make the board pop even more. Double shot texture, optional O-ring dampeners and an all-round awesome design should really make the K65 RGB Mini even easier on the eye. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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