Corsair reveals new keyboard with optical-mechanical key switch


(Cybertech) – Corsair has launched a new premium keyboard in the form of the K100 RGB. This is a flagship keyboard in more than just the price tag. 

The K100 takes the previous best gaming keyboard from the company (the K95 Platinum XT) and builds upon it with a host of new features that are bound to impress.

Those features include everything you’d expect plus a whole lot more. Take an aluminium, black anodized, brushed finish chassis, throw in a host of easy-access media and macro keys, PBT double-shot keycaps and sublime per-key RGB lighting and you’ve already got a winner. 

Corsair has gone a lot further with this one though. The K100 boasts some insane enhancements that include the addition of OPX optical-mechanical key switches. Those switches offer “hyper-fast” actuation thanks to a design that uses a beam of infrared light to detect your key presses, resulting in accurate tracking and zero debounce. 

What’s this mean? Well, Corsair claims these new switches are able to register key presses up to four times faster than standard mechanical gaming keyboards. Those keys are also guaranteed to work up to 150 million key presses – that’s 100 million most than most other standard mechanical key switches. 

The K100 also offers four times faster throughput with 4,000Hz hyper-polling and 4,000Hz key scanning. Not only is it nifty and nimble, but it can also handle 200 onboard profiles and 20-layers of RGB lighting effects. 

You can grab the K100 RGB now for $229.99/£229.99.

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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