Could this be the Fitbit Charge 5?


(Cybertech) – Fitbit offers a number of trackers within its portfolio, with the latest being the premium Fitbit Luxe, though it looks like the fashion-led tracker won’t be the last we see from the company this year.

A new Fitbit tracker has appeared in a leak on 9to5Google called the Fitbit Morgan, and it is presumed it could be the successor to the Fitbit Charge 4. The Charge 4 currently sits above the newer Fitbit Luxe, offering a few extra features like built-in GPS, but it slides in under Fitbit’s smartwatch trackers.

The Morgan – or Charge 5 – is shown with a coloured touchscreen in the image, which would be a first in the Charge line up. It also appears to be wider than the Luxe, but share a similar design trait of the display being smaller than the footprint it occupies.

There don’t appear to be any buttons on the Fitbit Morgan and the design is certainly a departure from the current Charge 4. Features are said to include a weather app, NFC for Fitbit Pay, a calendar app, Spotify control and better notifications. It’s also likely we will see built-in GPS again and SpO2 monitoring. 

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There is no indication as to when the Fitbit Morgan – or Charge 5 – might launch, but Fitbit typically announces new devices around March or April and August or September so it could be that this device is revealed officially soon. For now, you can read how all Fitbit’s current devices compare in our separate feature.

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