Denon and Marantz’s new AVRs solve Xbox 120Hz issue


(Cybertech) – Denon and Marantz have followed Yamaha in announcing new AV receivers that come with Xbox Series X-compatible 4K 120Hz inputs.

While both companies already have AVRs on the market with HDMI 2.1 inputs, it transpired that there was an issue with the 4K 120Hz (or 8K) input when specifically hooked up to an Xbox Series X. It lead both to issue fixes in the form of a free adapter.

The new models though come with fixes built in.

The Denon AVC-X8500HA and Marantz AV8805A receivers each come with a HDMI 2.1 input capable of 8K 60Hz / 4K 120Hz passthrough. They also support HDR10+ and Dynamic HDR, plus QMS (Quick Media Switching) to prevent screen blackout when switching frame rates instantly.

Other new features for gamers include Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) support. Quick Frame Transport (QFT) is also included.

Both of the updated flagship models come with DTS:X Pro support too. That enables up to 13 channels of DTS:X decoding.

The Denon AVC-X8500HA costs €3999 / £3699 / $4299, while the Marantz AV8805A will set you back  €4299 / £3899 / $4799. Both will be available from June.

Owners of the previous generation of each can have their receiver upgraded for €749 / £679 / $599 respectively, in order to get the latest spec.

Writing by Rik Henderson.


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