Disney+ has over 73 million subscribers, a year after launch


(Cybertech) – It might not always be the most celebratory of affairs, but an earnings call can often hold good news for companies, and Disney’s latest one has done just that. It’s confirmed that it now has 73 million subscribers to Disney+, almost exactly a year after it first launched in the US. 

That number is up from the just over 60 million it managed by 3 August this year, showing that there’s still a pretty healthy degree of growth going on, which will be key given the nearly 200 million that its rival Netflix is sitting on already.  

Revenue in a wider sense for Disney has fallen recently, and that trend hasn’t changed – it’s almost entirely traceable to the ongoing pandemic, and the lack of open parks and resorts, plus hugely curtailed box office revenue, as you’d expect. 

Still, Disney+ is clearly a bright spark for the huge corporation and arguably launched at just the right time to establish a user base before streaming had a further explosion of interest during lockdowns and rest-in-place orders. 

The streaming service is also only available in 20 countries so far, so there’s presumably plenty more international growth to be pursued, including an imminent launch in Latin America, for example. 

With a second season of The Mandalorian in progress, and major Marvel show WandaVision coming in January, Disney will hope that further growth is on the cards, in short. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.


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