Does this Sonos patent reveal the design of its headphones?


(Cybertech) – Sonos recently announced it would launch a new product in a matter of weeks, and there is speculation the device could either be a portable Bluetooth speaker or even noise-canceling headphones. Well, a new Sonos patent filing suggests it might be the latter.

A design patent for a pair of Sonos headphones has surfaced via the German Patent and Trademark Office, providing a better look at what appears to be a more refined product than the original Sonos headphones spotted in US Patent and Trademark Office filings in September. Sonos’ latest filings, registered in December and available here, include renderings of the headphones.

The biggest obvious difference is the earcups are rounder and appear to have Sonos’ logo. Other interesting tidbits include the USB-C port and possibly a 3.5mm jack. There seem to be some buttons around the rim of the earcups, too, likely for touch control. The headphone also might have removable earpads. Other than that, there isn’t anything too revealing about the drawings.

Little is known about Sonos’ headphones, but they’re expected to be high-end and come with a premium price tag. Check out our rumour guide on the cans here – we’re updating it regularly with all the latest leaks, rumours, and reports.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.


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