DUEX Lite and DUEX Plus: Portable dual-screen laptop monitor


(Cybertech) – Laptops are brilliant – they’ve changed how we work and freed many of us from the reign of a desktop unit for both working and relaxing, to the point where most of us can probably barely remember what it was like before they were standard equipment.

However, the sheer forces of physics mean that most laptops have a simple restriction that can make them slightly less useful for productivity – they’ve only got one screen.

That’s where MobilePixels steps in, a genius startup that’s created the DUEX Pro and DUEX Lite, screen extenders for your laptop. It’s already smashed a huge crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo, raising more than $1.1 million, and now you can get one of your own – find out more about these brilliant displays, below.

MobilePixelsDUEX Lite and DUEX Plus: The portable dual-screen laptop monitors to expand productivity photo 7


The flagship DUEX product, the Plus is the core of what MobilePixels has created – an additional screen that clips onto the back of your laptop’s display, ready to fold out for you to use it whenever you need. That gives you an extra 13.3 inches to play with, letting you have a full dual-display experience without needing a chunky external monitor.

It’s super easy to set up and intuitive to use, and is plug-and-play with your laptop whether it’s a MacBook or a Windows device. In fact, it’ll also work with other devices like the Nintendo Switch, so you could find it a great partner if you want to do some work and some play at the same time. With full 1080p resolution and great colour accuracy, it’s perfect for professional use, and it only adds a little bit of extra weight to your laptop. We’ve found it brilliant for unlocking a bunch of tasks that were challenging with only one screen, and we’re sure you’ll find the same.

You can even detach it to act as a vertical monitor or to have it separate, so the orientation of your workplace is really up to you.


If the dual-screen experience that the DUEX Plus offers looks great to you (and it really should), but you either have a slightly smaller laptop or just want a more compact and lightweight second screen, you could instead opt for the DUEX Lite, which is also a little bit more affordable.

It’s got a smaller 12.5-inch screen, and you can pick it up in white or dark grey, but in all the key ways it matches what the Plus can offer, including on the resolution front where it also posts 1080p. That also means it’s just as easy to use both attached to your laptop or separately, so we really can’t recommend it enough if the sizing makes more sense for your device.

Whichever option you opt for, you’ll be getting a brilliant second display that promises to make your working life genuinely easier, and that’s not something that too many devices or accessories can accurately claim, so be sure to grab one for yourself now!


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