EE offers Netflix as a smart benefit for the first time


(Cybertech) – EE has added Netflix as one of its smart benefits for new and upgrading users on an Android smart plan.

Customers can now choose to have a “free” Netflix subscription as part of their benefits. Other options remain, including BT Sport Ultimate, Apple Music, and included roaming.

It’s not currently available to users on iOS.

Those on a smart plan – or a new full works plan – get between one and three benefits depending on the tariff, which are chosen at the start of the contract.

The Netflix benefit gives you Netflix Basic, which streams in SD and to one device at a time, although you can use it on any device you own, not just your handset.

For an extra £4 per month, you get Netflix Standard, with HD streaming and up to two devices simultaneously. Or, you can choose to pay an additional £8 per month for Netflix Premium, with up to 4K streaming and four devices simultaneously.

Customers who already have a Netflix subscription can seamlessly swap it over and any external payments will stop.

The new full works plan is also exclusive to Android and available on handset deals. The smart plans with benefits are available on both Android handset and SIM-only deals.

You can find out more on EE’s shopping page here.

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