Enjoy a good giggle with the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards


(Cybertech) – Few the last few years, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been accepting hilarious entries from people all over the world, with amusing images of wild animals in all sorts of predicaments. 

This year’s finalists include some real corkers. We’ve collected some of our favourites for you to enjoy. Be sure to check out the awards site for more. 

Eric Fisher/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Hi Yall

Eric Fisher probably spent ages trying to get the perfect shot of bears by the river. Being sneaky, trying to capture the perfect moment. Then the bear sees him and gives him a wave. Does it get better than this?

Femke van Willigen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

The inside joke

Red squirrels are unfortunately a rare sight in British shores, but not so much in the Netherlands it seems. 

Femke van Willigen managed to snap this cracking, amusing shot of a cheerful-looking chappy, we wonder what they were so happy about. 

Gail Bisson/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Covid Hair

We’ve all had days like these recently haven’t we? This Reddish Egret is certainly looking worse for wear, but then that’s pretty much life in 2020 isn’t it?

Esa Ringbom/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020


Imagine if you could convince a bear to play hide and seek. This would probably be the result wouldn’t it? 

Esa Ringbom caught this superb photo of a brown bear going about its business in Kuhmo, East Finland. We think it makes a great addition to the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards.

Christina Holfelder/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

I could puke

Lovely day for a walk at the beach. Especially with friends. Not everyone agrees though. The seaside apparently makes that penguin at the rear feel a bit sick. 

Jacques Poulard/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020


Quite possibly the most epic facepalm you’re ever likely to see. This polar bear is either having a bad day or nursing a headache maybe?

A magnificent photograph of an equally magnificent creature. 

Jagdeep Rajput/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Like mother like daughter

Some of these photos are amusing, some are just cute. This one shows a pair of Asian Elephants, a mother and daughter, walking tail in tail together. 

Jill Neff/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Just Chillin’

We’re not sure if this raccoon is just chilling out in this tree or in the process of falling out of it. Either way, it makes for an amusing photo. 

Kay Kotzian/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Having a Laugh

Nothing to see here, just two grizzly bears at Grand Teton National Park trying to change someone’s tyres. 

Or maybe they’re trying to steal them? They certainly look a little sheepish. 

Ken Crossan/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Having a Laugh

This Scottish seal sure knows how to have a good time. Something is utterly hilarious. We just wish he’d share in the joke. 

Ken Crossan managed to snap this awesome photo as a great addition to the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards. and it might be one of our favourites. 

Krisztina Scheeff/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Seriously, would you share some

Can I have some of those fish? Are you going to share? These quaint Atlantic Puffins are certainly handsome devils and superb fish catchers as well. 

Kunal Gupta/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Wait up Mommy, look what I got for you!

What an incredible view this one is. Not only are these elephants surrounded by the wonder of nature, they also look so happy together. 

The cooling waters no doubt add to the pleasure. 

Luis Burgueno/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

I had to stay late at work

This guy clearly thinks he’s hilarious. We know the feeling. You break out an amusing dad joke and the other half just rolls their eyes. Sad. Don’t worry, we feel your pain. 

Luis-Martí/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Macaque striking a pose

At the Uluwatu Temple in Bali, Luis Martí managed to capture this awesome photo of a cheeky Macaque. Chilling out in the temple, this little chap looks like he’s living his best life.  

Wei Ping Peng/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

So Hot

We all enjoy a nice relaxing soak in some warm waters. This snow monkey is no different. Though it looks like it might be a touch too warm even for his taste. 

Manoj Shah/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Laughing Hippo

Hippos have a bad reputation for being hungry all the time. These two are trying to change those stereotypes with some shenanigans instead. 

Marcus Westberg/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020


Life isn’t always fun and bananas for the mountain gorillas. This chap seems bored out of his tiny mind. 

Mark Fitzpatrick/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Terry the Turtle flipping the bird

This turtle was snapped underwater near Lady Elliot Island, Queensland Australia. They clearly didn’t appreciate having their photo taken, but we’re sure Mark Fitzpatrick was still happy with the results anyway. 

Yevhen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Monkey Business

The local bike gangs in Borneo, Malaysia are certainly hairy little blighters. We bet these pig-tailed Macaques get up to plenty of mischief, even if they can’t quite reach the pedals. 

Arthur Telle Thiemenn/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020


Say cheese! A handsome Sparisoma cretense knows how to play up to the camera. A cheeky grin and the result is the perfect underwater picture. 

Asaf Sereth/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Surprise Smiles

Dwarf Mongoose make a surprise appearance from behind a hump, giving photographer Asaf Sereth the perfect chance to snap this ace image. 

They’re no doubt as curious about him as he as about them. 

Ayala Fishaimer/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Tough negotiations

A fox and a mouse have a nice chat as the little furry one tries to talk themselves out of being eaten.

This image might have been part of the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards, but we feel like it’s good enough to win any wildlife photography prize. 

Brigitte Alcalay Marcon/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Crashing into the picture

How many times have you ever seen an image photobombed by a giraffe? Not many we bet. 

Charlie Davidson/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Almost time to get up

This raccoon has either got comically stuck or is on the hunt for some delicious snacks. We’re not really sure. Either way, the results are certainly amusing. A worthy contender for the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards for sure. 

Vicki Jauron/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020


A pair of Brown Pelicans caught frolicking on the waters. The one behind looks like they’re about to pull of some sorts of shenanigans. 

Yarin Klein/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

We all have that friend

More brown bear antics as some baby bears mess about playing up for the camera. 

Martin Grace/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Socially Uninhibited

At first glance, this Chacma Baboon looks like it’s scratching places people shouldn’t be scratching in public. But we also like that it seems like it’s using a walking cane to get about, like a worn-out old monkey who’s seen better days. 

Max Teo/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

It’s the last day of school holidays

This entry to the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards was submitted by Max Teo and comes from Singapore where two smooth-coated otters are seen cuddling up. Though we’re not sure one appreciates it. 

Megan Lorenz/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Monkey Business

We have no words! No heavy petting! Come on Macaques you’re on camera, please behave. 

Mike Lessel/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Quiet Please

This Kestrel appears to be asking for some quiet as it surveys the landscape, looking for prey or perhaps just a nice new spot to perch. 

Nader Al-Shammari/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

How can I fly?

This fantastic photo by Nader Al-Shammari shows an Eagle owl chick apparently trying to learn to fly, readying for a bit of a run-up before launch. 

Pearl Kasparian/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

No Penguins Under Here!

Penguins may be hiding under your car. They may, alternatively, just be hiding under the nearby signage. 

Petr Sochman/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Social distance, please!

Come on now! Give me some room. Don’t you know it’s 2020 and you should be socially distancing?

These Rose Ringed Parakeets were wonderfully snapped by Petr Sochman at Kaudulla national park, Sri Lanka.

Ramesh Letchmanan/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

I am Champion

A joyful celebration in Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan as a Snow Monkey celebrates a wonderfully satisfying dip in pleasant local waters. 

Roland Kranitz/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

O Sole Mio

This is a Spermophile and one that looks like it was asked to strike a pose and went for the cutest one it could possibly manage. 

Sally Lloyd-Jones/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

It’s a Mocking Bird

Ok, so this one might well be our favourite photos. A defiant Kingfisher disobeys the local fishing signage and flaunts the rules. 

Sally Lloyd-Jones no doubt had to wait around a long time for this photo, but it’s fantastic. 

Sue Hollis/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Sun Salutation Class

This very relaxed Sea Lion was spotted by Sue Hollis sunbathing in the Galapagos Islands. Relaxation is the name of the game and this chap knows how to win. 

Thomas Vijayan/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Fun For All Ages

As a young child, we thought there was nothing cooler than having a swing hanging from the tree in the back garden.

It seems like these Langur monkeys feel the same. But since they can’t build their own swings they’re using their friend’s tails instead. Uncomfortable fun abounds.  

Tim Hearn/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020


We know you shouldn’t laugh at someone else’s misery, but it’s hard not to have a chortle at the sight of this  

African Elephant accidentally faceplanting while out for a wander. 

Tim Hearn/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Hide and Seek

Here’s looking at you kid. This Azure Damselfly appears to be eye-balling you while hilariously clinging on to some undergrowth. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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