Entire 2022 Galaxy A line to include this camera feature as Samsung tries to stay competitive


Entire 2022 Galaxy A lineup to include this camera feature as Samsung tries to stay competitive

According to a report, next year’s Galaxy A phones will all feature OIS.  It looks like Samsung is getting more serious about its affordable segment. Optical image stabilization is a mechanical stabilization that detects the camera’s movement and adjusts the lens’ position using motors, resulting in a steadier image on both photos and videos.

The news about Samsung implementing the camera technology to cheaper devices isn’t so surprising. The Korean giant recently released its Galaxy A22 phone, which features OIS, even though it is a budget-friendly model. 

As a reminder, the Galaxy A22 5G costs about $250, has a 48MP main camera, a 90Hz TFT screen, and a MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. Until its release, OIS was present only on the much costlier Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 phones.

The Galaxy A series needs to stay competitive

Samsung’s Galaxy A series accounts for most of the company’s sales. With reports that Samsung is struggling to sell its premium Galaxy S devices, it is logical for the company to look for ways to make its affordable phones more competitive.

OIS is still uncommon among phones under $500. With Samsung’s 2022 Galaxy A lineup featuring the technology, the company might increase its sales in the affordable sector even more by focusing on upgraded camera features instead of just device performance.


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