Eve Cam goes on sale, the first indoor camera for HomeKit Secur


(Cybertech) – Originally announced at the start of the year, Eve Systems has put its Eve Cam on sale at last and it’ll ship on June 23. 

The $150/150 Euro Eve Cam is the first indoor security camera made for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video system.

Apple HomeKit Secure Video means that activity captured by the camera is analysed by your home hub – an Apple TV, for example – and then either discarded if it’s just a pet going about its daily business or recorded and stored for free in iCloud if it’s a person. You can also choose to store everything if you wish. 

The footage is stored for up to 10 days and doesn’t count towards your iCloud storage space. Notifications will pop up on your iPhone to tell you that events have occurred. 

Keep a close eye on your home around the clock. Receive rich notifications on your iPhone immediately when something is up in your home – and protect the privacy of your personal space in the process. 

The camera itself is a compact Full HD camera with a 150-degree ultrawide field of view. It’s capable in day or night, with infrared night vision kicking in when the lights are off, and an integrated microphone and speaker means you can communicate with whoever is in the room – to surprise intruders, for example, or tell the kids their dinner is ready.

It comes with a magnetic camera base and can be installed on a shelf or wall.

The Eve Water Guard has also recently gone on sale – a HomeKit-enabled leak detector for your home.


Writing by Rik Henderson and Dan Grabham.


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