Feature found in U.K. version of Apple Maps is coming to the U.S.


Already offered in the U.K. and in other select countries, the first time that you use this new feature in the states, a box titled “Introducing Ratings and Photos” pops up explaining how your data will be employed. Tap the “Continue” button on the bottom right to enable the feature. The next time you ask Maps to show you a place that is reviewable such as a theater or restaurant, the prompt needed to rate a location will be prominently shown.

Apple says that rating places and sharing photos will improve Apple Map and help others. The ratings and photos you share are linked to your Apple ID and your approximate location is sent to Apple to confirm the validity of your contribution. Apparently, Apple is concerned that businesses will over-rate themselves which is why the tech giant wants to see the Apple ID of the user. Apple notes that “maps usage outside ratings and photos is not linked to your Apple ID.”

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