Garmin announces Approach golf wearables for 2021


(Cybertech) – Garmin has announced a trio of new golf wearables for 2021, launching two watches – the Approach S42 and Approach S12 – and the Approach G12, a clip-on rangefinder.

As ever, the new arrivals are designed to give golfers more information when they’re out on the course.

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All three have slightly different designs and capabilities, though they share details regarding the same 42,000 golf courses, the Green View feature (helping players read the green) and support for scorecard submission and leaderboards through the Garmin Golf app. 

Naturally, the three are available at different price points, too. The Approach S42 is $299.99/£269.99, the S12 is $199.99/£179.99 and the G12 comes in at $149.99/£129.99. All are available at Garmin now.

Let’s dive into the finer points to see what separates these new wearables.

Garmin Approach S42


The Approach S42 is mostly a golf watch, partly a smartwatch and, essentially, a slightly retooled version of Garmin’s typical mid-range option. 

However, there are some features from the flagship Approach S62 that cross over to the new device, including Autoshot, the company’s automatic shot detection and recording. 

As we say, it’s also very useable when you’re not on the course. Thanks to the touchscreen 1.2-inch colour display, 10-day battery life, activity tracking and mix of different finishes – rose gold, silver and grey – it can easily pass as a regular smartwatch, too.

Garmin Approach S12


On the entry-level end of Garmin’s golf range is the Approach S12, a device that strips back the fancy features and smartwatch capabilities.

This is the ideal pick for beginner golfers or those who just want the basics, since it’s largely focused on providing distances to the green and surrounding hazards. It even features a Big Numbers display mode to really keep things focused.

Since this one just features a monochrome, sunlight-readable display, unlike more expensive models, the battery life is able to outlast a lot of competitors, as well. Users can receive up to 30 hours of power in GPS mode, which is double the S42.

Garmin Approach G12


Perhaps the most interesting of the new trio is the Approach G12, which acts as a clip-on or handheld rangefinder. 

There’s a 1.3-inch monochrome display, just like the Approach S12, and it also shares the same feature set as the entry-level watch. 

It’s the ideal alternative for those who don’t want something on their wrist during their round, able to clip onto your wait or golf bag or sit around your neck through a lanyard. 

Writing by Conor Allison.


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