Garmin Forerunner 35 is now just $90 in summer sales


(Cybertech) – At the entry-level of Garmin’s sports devices is the Forerunner 35. It keeps things simple, not overwhelming you with functionality, but still feeding you the essentials in GPS and heart rate data.

It’s a couple of years old now, but a great device offering great value for those just setting out with running or other exercise.


If you’re in the US, you can grab the Forerunner 35 for $89.99, which is a saving of $30 over the normal asking price.

This is a fitness device that fits smaller wrists well, not only serving up sports data, but also tracking the rest of your lifestyle stats, like steps and sleep.

It syncs to your smartphone with the data pouring into Garmin Connect, where you can analyse your performance and see how your latest run was, as well as giving you smart notifications from your phone.

While this model reduces some of the features that Garmin offers, it still targets your running nicely, giving you a full experience so you can keep track of your training.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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