Garmin Forerunner 745 launches to bolster the mid-range multisp


(Cybertech) – For many years, the Garmin Forerunner 735XT has been a mainstay for triathletes. While the Forerunner 935 and 945 have come along to offer a lot more functionality, the 735XT has fought on, thanks to an impressive feature set and agreeable prices.

Garmin has now officially updated the Forerunner 735XT with the Forerunner 745. It drops the XT name as the watch fits into the Forerunner range more tidily. It’s still positioned as a watch for multisport athletes, looking to support running and cycling specifically, while also catering for the wide range of functions you get across many of Garmin’s watches. Importantly, it mirrors many of the functions that you’ll find in Garmin’s top 900 series devices.

On-device workouts and detailed training data is presented. You can have suggestions for daily workouts, including running and cycling, based on current training and recovery levels, you can track all the metrics you’d expect like heart rate, GPS data, VO2 Max, training load, and training effects.


Using additional sensors – like the new HRM-Pro or a power meter – you can get even more data for your run training or your bike training, while swimmers will get details about distance, stroke, pace and more.

No matter what you do, your recovery will be suggested so you’ll know how long it will take for you to prepare for the next hard session, while lifestyle factors can also be taken into account, such as how stressful your day is or how well you’re sleeping.

Now support for music, up to 500 songs can be synced to the Forerunner 745 so that you can listen to your preloaded Spotify, Deezen or Amazon Music playlists via your Bluetooth headphones while running or in the gym. There’s also Garmin Pay, supporting mobile payments so you can get that recovery shake on your way home with just a swipe of your wrist.

Everything is synced to Garmin Connect, with integration into services like Komoot and Strava, while smartphone messages will be served up on your wrist.

There are endless functions supporting pretty much all your sporting needs, while this watch promises 1 week of battery life and up to 16 hours of GPS tracking – which should get you round that Ironman. That battery life is shorter than the Forerunner 945 and at first glance, that’s the major difference between these devices.

The Garmin Forerunner 745 will cost £449.99 and it is available now.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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