Garmin Venu Sq is a lifestyled smartwatch sporting Garmin pedig


(Cybertech) – Pretty much all Garmin watches look the same. Whether you’re looking at the Fenix, Forerunner or something from the Vivo family, there’s a distinctly Garmin look to things. The Venu Sq changes that, shifting to a new shape.

As the name suggests, the Venu Sq – and the Music Edition of the same – are rectangular rather than round, shifting to a style similar to the Apple Watch, but loaded with Garmin’s pedigree in sports and fitness tracking.

There’s a 1.3-inch display on the front topped with Corning Gorilla Glass to keep scratches to a minimum. It’s trimmed with an aluminium bezel, while the band is silicone. A range of colours will be available.

Many of the features will be familiar to Garmin users: there’s constant heart rate monitoring, GPS for accurate route tracking no matter what sport you’re performing, as well as plenty of wellness features.


Garmin’s sleep tracking contributes data to the Body Battery system that will monitor how active you are and how much rest you are getting and tell you if that balance is right or if you need to be getting more rest.

Like other Garmin devices, it also offers bloody oxygen monitoring and will alert you to abnormal heart rates, just like the new Apple Watch Series 6.

All your data can be synced to Garmin Connect and smartphone connectivity – either to Android or iPhone devices – means that you can get notifications on the move. There’s support for Garmin Pay and the Music Edition will let you sync playlists so you can listen to those without your phone using Bluetooth headphones. It also supports Garmin Coach to give you guidance on improving your fitness.

The battery life comes in at 6 days when using the Venu Sq as a smartwatch, or you can have 14 hours of GPS tracking. That might get you round an Ironman, but more likely provide peace of mind that you’ll have enough battery to complete that 5K you want to do and wear it through the rest of the weekend without worrying about battery life.

While the Venu Sq will offer you a reliable sports companion, it looks like a device pitched at the fitness and health market rather than the enthusiast athlete. That makes the £179.99 price point appealing, because you’re getting a lot of Garmin goodness for that price.

The Venu Sq Music Edition is a little more expensive at £224.99.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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