Get a free year of Google Care+ and other perks by becoming a Pixel Superfan


Get a free year of Google Care+ and other perks by becoming a Pixel Superfan

Do you consider yourself to be a Google Pixel Superfan? Do you enjoy getting first crack at Android updates along with quarterly feature drops? Does using a phone powered by the stock version of Android get you excited?
If you answered in the affirmative to all three of the aforementioned questions, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for new invitations released by Google asking if you’d like to join the Pixel Superfans community. An email released by Google and read by 9to5Google says that among the perks offered to members of this community, Pixel Superfans gain access to special events similar to a tour given last year of Google Store Chelsea a day before the location officially opened its doors for business.
Last year, as a holiday gift, Google sent out prints of deconstructed Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 4a units to Superfans. Community members also get to participate in Q&A sessions with members of the Pixel products teams and will have the opportunity to provide Google with their feedback related to Pixel handsets.
You don’t have to be a Superfan to be excited by the upcoming Pixel 6 series. After a one-year hiatus, a larger-sized Pixel is coming and it could be given the moniker of Pixel 6 XL or Pixel 6 Pro. The device is rumored to sport a 6.71-inch display (one report says that it will be a P-OLED screen) with a 120Hz refresh rate possible and will be powered by Google’s in-house produced “Whitechapel” chip. The 6 XL/Pro could include a 48MP Telephoto camera.

With 5G capabilities and a screen that could update 120 times per second, a large flagship-sized battery is called for. And while Google has disappointed often when it comes to providing enough battery capacity, indications are that a 5000mAh battery will be keeping the lights on the handset.

It isn’t clear how Google determines who gets invited to join the community but one guess is that the number of Pixel handsets that you’ve purchased is a factor. The invitation contains a link to a survey that asks a few questions including one about your purchases of Made by Google devices. The survey should take you just a few minutes to answer.


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