Get the Nvidia RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 in the HP Omen 30L now


(Cybertech) – If you’re at all into PC gaming, you’ll probably have been watching with interest in the last couple of months as waves of stock for Nvidia’s exciting new GPUs, the 3080 and 3090, have appeared and then instantly evaporated.

It’s been nigh-on impossible to get your hands on either of these cards, to take advantage of the frankly stunning performance boosts that they offer – but don’t worry anymore! HP has confirmed that you can now get either GPU as part of its pre-built range, in the superb Omen 30L, undeniably one of the most attractive gaming PCs you can find at the moment. Read on to find out why the Omen 30L could be right for you.

Get the Nvidia RTX 3080 the easy way

We might have already said it above, but it’s worth reiterating how rare the 3080 still is – this is gaming gold dust! A card that takes as big a leap forward as its new Ampere architecture does, though, warrants more than just being slotted into an older build.

That’s why it’s perfect as a component in an all-new build, especially one put together for you by HP. Trust us – we’ve recently built our latest gaming PC, and while it’s always rewarding to do it yourself, you sidestep so many issues by getting it pre-built. Yesterday our computer just wouldn’t turn on for some reason – you won’t run into those sorts of problems with HP’s amazing systems. 

Upgrade to the beastly 3090

Of course, the 3080 is a serious bit of kit, and will easily power you to crazy frame rates in the latest games, but if you want to push the boundaries and play with ultra-smoothness at native 4K, you’ve probably thought about picking up the massive 3090 instead.

The good news, first up, is that you can get it in your Omen 30L too, swapping in the monster card to get quite literally some of the best gaming performance anywhere on the planet. With 24GB of its own embedded memory, the 3090 feels an awful lot like it’s redefining what we expect from a GPU.

Gorgeous looks

Regardless of which card you opt for, though, one thing you’ll definitely get from the Omen 30L is absolutely stunning looks – this is a gaming PC that’s been carefully designed not to look immature or tacky. 

It’s clean and simple, with just that single front-lit fan on the PC’s case to give things a little bit of distinction, and is certainly one of the best-looking builds we think you can pick up anywhere right now. Plus, with a tempered-glass side panel, you can show off the rare GPU you’ll have secured to anyone who looks your way. 

Monster specs

Of course, the GPU isn’t the only part of your PC that counts, and HP’s smashing it on the other fronts too, with powerful Intel processors to pick from, up to 64GB of rapid RAM to pack in, all housed on a cutting-edge motherboard to make sure that you get a system without any bottlenecks. 

This will mean you can enjoy gaming with zero issues and smoothness married with detail that console players can only dream of. Get your Omen 30L from HP today to see it for yourself. 


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