Google has a major Wear OS update up its sleeve for I/O 2021


(Cybertech) – Google’s developer conference kicks off in less than 24 hours, and ahead of its main keynote, the official Wear OS Twitter account is teasing a big update to Google’s wearable platform.

Wear OS has lagged in recent years in comparison to Apple’s WatchOS. While it has received new features, such as a new keyboard and support for third-party Tiles, it hasn’t had a major design change in at least three years. It also lacks a lot of developer and app support. But that might soon change.

Over the past couple of years, Google acquired some of Fossil’s smartwatch tech in 2019 and also picked up Fitbit in 2020, all of which have inspired hope that Google would reinivograte WearOS. Plus there have been reports about Samsung even ditching its own Tizen OS for Wear OS for possibly three new upcoming watches.

There’s also been a resurgence of rumours about Google launching its own Pixel Watch. While WearOS has been struggling, there also hasn’t been a champion for the platform from Google itself.

Aside from a new version of Wear OS, the company is expected to discuss Android 12 some more and unveil new earbuds and maybe even a new phone. Cybertech has rounded up all the leaks and rumours pertaining to Google I/0 2021 so far here. You can also watch tomorrow’s live stream from that page.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Chris Hall.


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